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Tampa, Florida Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida
If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident as the result of someone else’s negligence, we’re here to guide you through litigation and help you seek the compensation you deserve. A highly successful personal injury attorney in Florida is exactly what you need. Don’t leave it up to the big insurance companies to decide how much your suffering is worth—let the experienced attorneys at Dennis Hernandez & Associates, P.A. help calculate a dollar amount that takes into consideration all the ways that an accident can impact your life, today and in the future.

A fifth-generation native of Tampa, Florida, Dennis Hernandez was born in 1968. He graduated from Duke University at the age of 20 with his Bachelor of Economics. He graduated 8th in a class of 260 from the Florida State College of Law and obtained his Masters of Law from Harvard Law School at the age of 24.  Mr. Hernandez spent the following four years with two very large law firms handling the most complicated and sophisticated legal matters. At the age of 28, he established Dennis Hernandez & Associates, P.A., which has realized phenomenal growth through a diligent commitment to clients and their legal matters.

​Our firm concentrates exclusively on work helping injured people, the poor and the downtrodden. Our firm offers its clients the highest level of service in all areas of law. Our attorneys represent the seriously injured in our aggressive personal injury department.  We have an impressive team of trial attorneys with extensive experience and dedication to the art of winning.

With more than two decades of experience serving our clients’ needs, our trial attorneys have the skills to achieve maximum resolutions to any personal injury legal dispute. If you have suffered an injury due to the negligence or carelessness of an individual, company, or other organization, we are fully prepared to handle your personal injury case, regardless of its complexity. We invite you to schedule a free consultation.

We know just how devastating a personal injury and legal claim can be. You can be confident when you choose Dennis Hernandez & Associates, P.A. to represent you: We will be there to handle the complex legal process and to carry you every step of the way. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing every client with the same high level of personalized legal counsel, and will keep you informed throughout your case.

Our trial attorneys have experience taking on large insurance companies and we spend the money it takes to win. These corporations take advantage of you. We will handle your case with your best interests in mind and proceed to trial without hesitation.

Over the last two decades, the attorneys at Dennis Hernandez & Associates, P.A., have tirelessly worked to represent our clients’ best interests and reach favorable resolutions at trial or as settlements. The result has been an extraordinary success in helping our clients recover money that fairly compensate them for the losses they have suffered.

 Dennis Hernandez, Esq.
Dennis started practicing law as an attorney in the 1990’s at just 23 years old. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Duke University and continued on to earn law degrees from Florida State University Law School and Harvard University, School of Law.

In 1997 he then went on to start the prominent law firm, Dennis Hernandez & Associates PA concentrating in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, civil litigation, and “white collar” criminal defense. The Tampa FL personal injury firm is on Kennedy Blvd near Hyde Park District serving the greater Tampa Bay area for over two decades.

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