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Nevada Criminal Defense, DUI, Personal Injury, and Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Our number one goal is to win your case!
We are aggressive courtroom litigators with over 23 years of experience practicing Nevada law.
A record few Nevada criminal defense and workers' compensation attorneys can match.
As long-time Nevadans, we have an advantage to get you the most favorable outcome for your case.
We know the courts, the judges, the prosecutors, their expectations and approaches.
With offices in Las Vegas and Reno, we provide legal services to every community throughout our state.
Criminal Defense

For over 23 years, our goal for you is a not guilty verdict, or to get your case entirely dismissed.
When your freedom, reputation and future are at stake, time is of the essence. Call us now!
Arrested while visiting Nevada?

Relax. After retaining our firm, most out-of-state clients will not even have to return to Nevada for court appearances.
We get these issues resolved quickly and discretely, allowing you to leave what happened in Nevada behind you.
Workers' Compensation

Workplace injuries causing permanent and total disability, back injury, and catastrophic injury?
We have successfully represented THOUSANDS of injured workers in Nevada.
Regardless of what you are told, to protect your rights and future, you must call us immediately after being injured at work.
We are committed and determined to protect your rights and your future.

We are a Nevada law firm with offices in both Las Vegas and Reno, and also offer legal services to the outlying communities throughout the state.

Both partners, Charles C. Diaz and Marialice K. Galt have each practiced law in the state of Nevada for over 23 years. Our lawyers use their aggressive courtroom litigation experience and combine it with their in-depth understanding of every facet of the Nevada legal system to achieve the best possible outcome for each of our clients.

We are determined to protect your rights, allowing you to return your everyday life as quickly as possible after an injury, DUI, or other criminal charge, such as domestic violence or possession of a controlled substance.

Our Nevada law firm has one simple approach to criminal defense: We strive for not guilty verdicts or case dismissal.

If for some reason that is not possible, then we fight for the best possible outcome with the least amount of impact on our client's life, reputation, and future.

Using a "bargain" attorney who advertises ridiculously low rates to get you in the door is one of the oldest "used car salesman" tricks in the book. Unfortunately you pay the same price you would have paid for a reputable attorney, but instead end up with a new or novice attorney with little or no experience of how the legal system works in Nevada.

When it comes to your life and future, shouldn't hiring an attorney with over 23 years of aggressive courtroom litigation experience in the state of Nevada--a record that very few attorneys who practice here can match, be your first priority?

In our experience the answer is yes. It is worth every penny to take the appropriate steps to protect yourself and your rights. What you'll find from the lawyers at Diaz & Galt, Attorneys at Law is straight answers, no pricing games and gimmicks, and competitive rates with the attorneys in our state who we consider our peers and equals (not the unscrupulous "used car salesmen" lawyers who just opened up shop to take advantage of hardworking, trusting and unsuspecting Nevadans).

Many out-of-state clients rely on us to serve and represent them. Many good people who are visiting our great state find themselves involved in embarrassing situations that need to be addressed and handled discretely and quickly. We get these issues resolved as quickly and effortlessly as possible, allowing you to put it behind you and get on with your life. From the moment you retain our firm, most out-of state clients won't even have to return to Nevada for court appearances.

If you are from out of state and were charged with a DUI or criminal offense while visiting Nevada, do not despair.

Call us now toll-free at (877)324-6443 and begin the process of getting this unfortunate experience behind you. We have extensive experience representing out-of-state clients in criminal cases. The stakes of criminal cases are high! You may be facing years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. Immediately contacting an experienced attorney with Diaz & Galt, Attorneys at Law can help you to avoid these severe penalties and consequences.

The attorneys at Diaz & Galt, Attorneys at Law, have been defending people in Nevada for over 20 years against DUI, domestic violence, unpaid casino markers, possession and use of controlled substances and other criminal charges. Our attorneys also have extensive experience in workers compensation law, with over 3,000 clients represented throughout the last 20 years. Our lawyers are known throughout the state as skilled courtroom attorneys who understand the importance of securing the most favorable outcome possible for clients. We know that peoples' futures and reputations are at stake and they go the extra mile in search of the most favorable outcomes or even more importantly complete dismissal of all charges.

Your future and reputation are at stake. do you really want to take chances with cheap and untested legal representation?

The consequences to your life, present and future are too great!

Our experienced lawyers are known for their commitment to finding the legal or evidentiary issue that makes the difference between a guilty verdict and dismissed or reduced charges. Each draws upon their former roles as Nevada public defenders, appellate lawyers or advocates for the Spanish-speaking community to provide the extra measure of service that makes a huge difference in the lives and futures of our clients.

Our many years of experience handling drunk driving cases has convinced us that it is seldom appropriate to plead guilty to DUI charges. A guilty plea does not make the problem go way, and almost always makes it worse. A criminal conviction on your record can have enormous consequences on your reputation and future which can include incarceration, loss of current job or exclusion from future job opportunities, loss of your divers license, loss of security clearances, increased insurance premiums, and current and future problems in both personal and professional relationships. You don't want to gamble with your future.

Law Firm Details
We try to make it easy for prospective clients to consult our lawyers and offer the following:

With two offices, one in Northern Nevada (Reno) and one in Southern Nevada (Las Vegas)
Special rates for students and military personnel, and payment plans for those who qualify
Credit cards accepted
Serving and representing out-of-state clients on a regular basis
Spanish speaking attorneys and staff
Our most important feature, however, is the skill and dedication of our lawyers. They seek out legal interpretations and evidence that allow them to build unique and compelling defense strategies for clients.

We are known for constructing unusual approaches that get results, which most lawyers with less experience don't even know about.

Our lawyers have developed many professional relationships during their years of practice in Nevada and are respected by Judges, prosecutors, opposing counsel, and the Nevada community at large.

Contact an Experienced Defense Lawyer
If you have been arrested for DUI or are facing a criminal charge in Nevada, don't leave your future to chance. Contact our experienced attorneys at Diaz & Galt, Attorneys at Law. Call us toll free at 877.324.6443 for a free consultation and learn how our lawyers can make the difference.
Se Habla Español.

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