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American-Hungarian Legal Practice For Businesses Law Firm in Virginia

The DR JOZSEF LAW FIRM (the "Firm") is   registered in the Budapest Bar Association in   Hungary, providing legal services in English and in Hungarian.   Dr. Zsuzsanna Jozsef /   Susanna Joseph is the Founder and Principal  of the Firm, who is admitted to the bar not only in Hungary, but in the United States of America, in Virginia as well, where she also maintains a Law Office at the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.  

The   Principal ensures that the law firm operates efficiently, effectively for the benefit of its clients.  The legal practice in Hungary and in the USA serves businesses, company owners, and other clients, takes on continual and ad hoc representation.  Our specialty is international business, corporate and commercial law, focusing on the European - American related legal issues, commercial transactions, litigation and arbitration, torts, and immigration law in the USA.

The legal practice provides full range of legal services including legal representation in regular courts, commercial arbitration, and other non-litigation and administrative   proceedings.

We are maintaining a trusted and respected legal practice in Hungary and in the US, including litigation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution; our practice areas are: Corporate Law and Business Associations,  Business Bankruptcy and Reorganization, Venture Capital Law, Foreign Direct Investment, International Business Law & Transactions, International Trade Law, Torts, USA Immigration Law.

Susanna Joseph / Dr. Zsuzsanna Jozsef is the founder and principal of the Dr. Jozsef Law Firm, in Budapest, and the law office in the USA, at the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. Admitted to the bar in Hungary, and in the United States of America in Virginia (state and federal courts). She received her J.D. degree at University of Pecs, Faculty of Law, in Hungary in 2004. Her fields of specialization are international private law, international litigation and business law regarding foreign trade and international affairs, and tort cases. Her studies and experience embrace conflict of law issues originated in the differences between the Hungarian/EU and U.S. legal systems. She published several scholarly articles on these questions in law reviews, including the “Official Journal of Jurisprudence” – a monthly legal periodical of the Committee of Jurisprudence of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. She finished a three-year program with an “absolutorium” for her Ph.D. in legal studies at the Doctorate School of Gaspar Karoli University, Faculty of Law and is working on her dissertation. Ms. Joseph pursued a Master of Laws / LL.M. degree in the United States at George Washington University Law School, Washington, D. C. in 2011. In cooperation with American and Hungarian lawyers, she has been instrumental in helping numerous Hungarian companies to enter overseas markets.


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