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Full-Service Law Firm in Denver, Colorado

Feldmann Nagel, LLC is a Denver-based law firm offering professional, personal legal representation in a wide range of legal matters. With nationwide offices and a diverse, experienced team of lawyers, we’re prepared to help you with any legal problem, wherever you are.

We are proud to offer individuals and businesses high quality legal services.

Our full-service law firm works in a full range of practice areas, from family law to criminal defense to business litigation. We work toward achieving exceptional results in litigation, negotiation, and defense across a broad scope of legal matters. In all cases, we are able to provide focused, effective representation, pursuing the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Our team of highly qualified attorneys includes former prosecutors, judges, successful business executives, and other experts from a variety of backgrounds. With our diversity of expertise and depth of knowledge, Feldmann Nagel, LLC is well prepared to handle any legal situation. Whether it’s your family, your business, or your personal well-being on the line, our dedication will allow you the confidence that your legal matter is in the best hands possible.


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