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Intellectual Property Law Firm in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Felix & Co. is an intellectual property law firm located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We provide legal representation and services in the following areas of practice: Intellectual Property; Industrial Property; Customs Recordals and Seizures at the Borders; Health Registrations; Franchising and Distribution; Contracts; and Corporate Law.We love what we do, so it is not difficult at all to strive and give it our best. We also believe in the higher purpose of the law, as a means to ensure a peaceful, enjoyable, satisfactory lifetime. We stand behind our words when offering our clients our best performance in a timely manner at the most competitive cost. Further we commit to being part of our client's team and orient our services to satisfying with our clients’ needs.Our academic background, discipline, respect for dissent and constant keeping up with the development of intellectual property law, makes us leaders in this field. We use this leadership to stimulate our team, our colleagues and officers to think outside the box and create new tendencies in reasoning and performance.

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