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New York Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Fellheimer & Eichen LLP vigorously and creatively provides business clients with prompt, cost-effective, results-driven legal counsel. We represent clients in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey with local, national, and international cases—including challenging the jurisdiction of state and United States courts.Before undertaking each case, we evaluate the client’s business goals to determine the most cost-effective legal strategy. The firm works closely with clients and corporate counsel to efficiently resolve disputes and accomplish identified business goals.In all matters, Fellheimer & Eichen pursues the best possible solution for the client. Often, this means we help involved parties reach agreement through the use of our expert negotiation skills. At Fellheimer & Eichen, litigation means the process of pursuing a legal matter to a final, positive resolution for the client through either settlement or trial. Our lawyers are equally adept at negotiating settlements and aggressively taking cases to trial.When negotiation will not yield the appropriate resolution for the client, we use all of our skills to achieve the client’s goals as quickly and inexpensively as is possible in court.But if going to court will result in a better outcome for the client, the tough trial attorneys at Fellheimer & Eichen are ready to represent the client’s best interests in court.Disputes are increasingly being resolved outside the courtroom due to growing demands for efficient and timely solutions. The principles embodied in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be used to resolve disputes large and small, from international conflicts to neighborhood arguments.At Fellheimer & Eichen, we use ADR to assist our clients with local, national, and international cases that may be resolved outside of court.The ADR process takes advantage of neutral experts to resolve disputes through: * Negotiation * Mediation * Conciliation * ArbitrationOur main areas of expertise include: * Business Litigation * Real Estate Transactions and Disputes * Finance and Financial Restructures * Securities and Corporate Finance

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