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Colorado Criminal and DUI Defense Lawyers

Fife Luneau, P.C. is a criminal defense law firm based in Denver, CO providing legal representation to clients facing criminal charges throughout Denver and the surrounding cities and counties of Colorado. The firm is dedicated to providing aggressive advocacy for their clients. With well over 20 years of combined legal experience the, attorneys at Fife Luneau have the knowledge and experience required to handle even complex criminal cases.The team at Fife Luneau has helped countless clients defend themselves against criminal charges such as drug crimes, violent crimes, juvenile offenses, and sex crimes. The firm is particularly adept at DUI/DWI defense, as well as vehicular manslaughter charges. Additionally, the firm also handles cases involving federal crimes such as certain drug/weapons charges as well as white collar crimes, immigration crimes, and intellectual property crimes. Finally, the attorneys at Fife Luneau are also able to assist clients with matters of probation violation.No matter what criminal charges you are facing, you are guaranteed certain rights by the United States legal system. Fife Luneau is here to ensure that these rights are not violated as well as to provide counsel on how best to exercise these rights. In particular, exercising the right to consult with an attorney prior to submitting to questioning by authorities can be instrumental in the outcome of your case, and skilled attorneys such as the team at Fife Luneau can potentially stop your case from even reaching the trial stage.

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