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Personal Injury Attorneys in New York

Ability to Advocate for Clients
The trial lawyers, paralegals, nurses, and support personnel at the Finz firm are highly trained and experienced in all phases of personal injury and wrongful death matters. The firm has concentrated on these practice areas for more than 25 years.

You can depend on the ability of the lawyers and staff at the Finz firm to understand the federal and state laws, rules, and regulations that impact a personal injury case and affect its outcome. With the in-depth experience and legal ability that the Finz attorneys can offer, clients have access to a firm dedicated to upholding the rights of victims and maximizing results.

How has the Finz firm helped its clients? Read about the multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements that have been obtained by the firm.

If you have been injured in an accident, by a defective drug, a defective product, or by medical malpractice, or if you have suffered any type of personal injury due to the carelessness or neglect of others, call the Finz firm now toll free at 1-855-TOP-FIRM or simply fill out the free case evaluation form. The Finz New York accident injury law firm is here to help.
Committed to Building Trust
The clients of the Finz firm are always a priority. It is firmly believed that trust is the first step in every attorney-client relationship. Although medical care is the first priority for those who have been harmed by someone else's negligence, the clients of the firm can feel at ease knowing that they can work closely with an experienced personal injury lawyer and place their full trust in a firm that is dedicated to fighting on their behalf.

A Reputation Clients Can Rely On
The reputation of the Finz firm has been earned over the past several decades. Judges, defense attorneys, and insurance companies have come to know that when the Finz firm is representing a client, the battle will be hard fought and the firm will not back down until the fullest measure of justice is achieved.

Driven by Results
Over the years, the Finz firm has scored record verdicts and settlements that total in excess of $500 million, including a $24.5 million truck accident settlement, the largest in the history of the state of New York. It takes an enormous drive, a continuous and unrelenting commitment to attain excellence together with inherent skill to obtain the results that the Finz firm has achieved for the clients that it proudly represents.

How many law firms have received the highest peer-review ratings for ethics and legal ability?

How many law firms have been singled out and chosen by the coveted “Super Lawyers” honor roll of personal injury attorneys?

How many law firms have achieved the highest recognition by being selected as “Preeminent Lawyers”?

How many law firms have been specifically designated year after year as one of the top personal injury firms out of thousands, whose name is prominently displayed annually in a special section of distinction in the New York Law Journal?

How many law firms have a senior trial lawyer and CEO such as Stuart L. Finz who has obtained record breaking verdicts and settlements including the highest truck accident settlement in the history of New York State ($24.5 Million), and the only verdict in the State against the giant cigarette manufacturer Phillip Morris in a lung cancer case?

How many law firms have been founded by a former New York State Supreme Court Justice, who is also peer-reviewed as one of the “Preeminent Lawyers of America”, such as Judge Leonard L. Finz?

And how many law firms are dedicated to the exclusive practice of personal injury law and devoted to helping victims of accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, defective drugs, defective medical devices, toxic exposure, and other related areas of complex personal injury law?

There is only one answer to all of the questions above, and that is: The law firm specially selected in every category cited is the top personal injury firm that enjoys the highest reputation and recognition in the personal injury, medical malpractice, and product liability field having amassed extraordinary achievements and honors for one reason, and one reason only. It has earned them! That law firm is Finz & Finz, P.C.

What We Stand For
Justice has different meanings to different people. But to Stuart L. Finz, the CEO and senior trial attorney of the Finz firm, to former New York State Supreme Court Justice, Leonard L. Finz, our firm’s founder, and to the highly regarded former Judges, skilled trial attorneys, and professional staff of the Finz firm, justice means an unbridled dedication and deep passion for causes that affect the health and safety of those who have suffered catastrophic injuries caused by the neglect of others.

Justice means always being at the cutting edge of complex legal issues, expending tireless energy in the battles fought to right a wrong, oftentimes against great odds, but always with the unrelenting vigor and intractable drive to fight for those who have been harmed physically, emotionally, and financially, and whose life is shattered through the carelessness and indifference of another.

Justice means the amassing of every ounce of energy to address an act of irresponsibility that leaves a family member to suffer the pain of a serious injury with all of its disastrous and financial consequences of mounting medical bills, lost earnings, and continuous out-of-pocket expenses, all of which leaving the household in a state of panic, depression, and despair.

Justice means a powerful and humane response to a cry for help to correct the agonizing harm inflicted by one's negligence and indifference upon an innocent victim.

Justice means the need for a personal injury law firm whose sole mission and very existence is to fight for the stricken victim in order to maximize a disposition elevating it to its most successful limit.

Justice means the call to action of a personal injury law firm with a driving passion, deep dedication, firm commitment, and high reputation built upon extraordinary proven results in confronting the most complex of personal injury issues be they rooted in negligence, medical malpractice, product liability, defective drugs, defective medical devices, exposure to toxins, automobile accidents, construction disasters, or even slip and fall cases that by themselves, can cause devastating injuries.

Those are but some of the tragic areas of serious injury that motivate the entire Finz firm team in its constant pursuit of that one goal - justice. And that’s why so many clients in the past and those of the present have placed their fullest confidence and unabiding trust in our firm. They know, and have experienced firsthand, that we will always fight for them - our clients - who have a right to demand, and expect our uncompromising effort in order to achieve their goal - justice! And that is what the Finz firm stands for.

How We Achieve Success
Success does not occur in a vacuum. It is the end result of extraordinary effort, many years of experience in the handling of the most complex of personal injury cases, highly skilled trial lawyers, the solidity and depth added to the Finz firm by a cadre of four former Judges, three of whom served as New York State Supreme Court Justices (Justice Leonard L. Finz, Justice Joseph F. Lisa, Justice Joseph G. Golia), one of whom having also sat in the appellate court (Justice Joseph G. Golia) and the fourth, a former New York City Housing Court Judge, Judge George M. Heymann.

The Finz firm is extremely proud of its uniquely trained and qualified paralegal experts, and an ever-courteous and client-responsive support staff. All are the professionals who make up the dynamic Finz firm team and whose deep devotion and sincere dedication to the clients we serve, combined with our proven experience, has achieved remarkable record results that exceed one half billion dollars in verdicts and settlements.

Maximizing the financial outcome for those who have suffered serious personal injury through the neglect of others, is not only the obsession that drives the Finz firm, but is also the uncompromising passion we employ constantly in reaching our ultimate goal - success. But in reality, it is a success we achieve for our clients! And that is why we were founded, and that is why it is our fundamental tradition to help those who have suffered serious personal injury - an honored tradition that has brought great success for our clients with the expectation that it will forever continue.

When We Were Founded and the Finz Firm Creed
The year was 1984 when former New York State Supreme Court Justice, Leonard L. Finz, a master trial lawyer in the courtroom, founded the Finz firm. Inspired by the deep desire to help those who were seriously injured and who faced enormous odds in their battles against the insurance, medical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing giants, the Finz firm creed as articulated by its dynamic CEO and award winning senior trial lawyer, Stuart L. Finz, has now become legendary: “To assist those who suffer tragic injuries through the neglect of others, and to ensure that full justice must always be our goal on their behalf.”

Those defendants who have been on the opposing side can attest to the doggedly aggressive, uniquely innovative, unabashedly uncompromising, but always ethical conduct of the Finz firm that places the best interest of its clients above everything else. It all started with a burning passion to protect those who have fallen victim as a result of a negligent act, medical malpractice, or a defective product. The Finz firm creed that was the foundation and hallmark of its creation almost 30 years ago has blossomed and has become even more pronounced with the countless victories and extraordinary results achieved on behalf of our clients who have suffered grave injuries through the wrong doing of others.

It is a fundamental creed that has continued to flourish as we approach almost three decades of our founding. It is a creed that, as in the past, will continue to be followed in the years to come with the Finz firm, fighting aggressively with every ounce of energy for our clients in courtroom battles against the giants. Indeed the Finz firm creed is one that will demand always that our clients receive the fullest measure of justice to which they are entitled. The Finz firm creed is one in which no opponent is strong enough to ever make us shrink or withdraw from the challenge we face in fighting for our clients, no matter the odds. We welcome and confront those challenges, and will never give up our passion to win. We can do no more for our clients who have placed their trust with us, and certainly we owe them no less. That is the Finz firm creed, and that is why we were founded.

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