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Defense Base Act & Longshore Act Law Firm in Florida

The Defense Base Act was established in 1941 for injured overseas non-military workers. It is an extension of the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act of 1927. DBA provides medical, disability or death benefits to U.S. government contract employees working overseas or their survivors, regardless of nationality.

If you’re injured while working on water, anywhere in the United States, you are covered by the Long Shore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act. We will not charge you money for getting you compensation while you are undergoing medical treatment.

When you hire Garfinkel Schwartz Law Firm, we will help you get the best medical care. Our law firm makes sure your doctors get paid, therefore you do not pay any medical or legal fees at all.
At every milestone during your case i.e. deposition, mediation, settlement or trial, your attorney and the Garfinkel Schwartz Team will fully prepare you. We will also keep you fully informed and make sure you receive all the compensation and medical care you are entitled to.

Professional Defense Base Act lawyers, flying to you wherever you are in the world.
The DBA Law firm Garfinkel Schwartz represents civilian contractors who work anywhere in the world supporting the US Government and Longshoremen who work the ports, docks, coasts, rivers and U.S. waterways. Clients have come to Garfinkel Schwartz’s lawyers for decades obtaining denied medical care and compensation due. .

We fly to you wherever you are.
Garfinkel Schwartz has been a compassionate resource for families and individuals who have been hurt or who have gotten sick while working for defense contractors or longshoremen. The Garfinkel/Schwartz family have helped injured workers for four generations. Great grandfather, grandfather, father and sons.
Our incredibly skilled legal staff is dedicated to providing clients the right to excellent medical care and substantial compensation from their injuries. Additionally, we provide our clients with the latest medical information and assist our clients to obtain the best doctors to treat all their injuries.

The law firm is named for founder and attorney Alan Bennett Garfinkel, and in memoriam for deceased Longshore and Defense Base Act lawyer, John M. Schwartz.

John Schwartz and his father were Defense Base Act lawyers for more than 50 years. They represented injured workers and contractors around the world.

Alan Garfinkel and John M. Schwartz worked side by side for more than a dozen years. Together, they helped thousands of men and women working as overseas civilian contractors and longshoremen on U.S. Federal waterways who were denied DBA and Longshore Act compensation claims.

Brian Wiklendt is Defense Base/Longshore Act lawyer and lead counsel for the firm.  Schwartz’s grandsons Bennett and Landon Garfinkel are legal assistants and medical researchers working on the Garfinkel Schwartz team.

Our Heritage
The Garfinkel-Schwartz families have a military service history that goes back more than 100 years, World War I with Alan Garfinkel’s grandfather, World War II with Alan’s Father and Vietnam with John Schwartz. The family continue to devote their careers to obtaining medical care and money for civilian contractors and longshoremen who get sick or injured on the job.

The law firm is named for founder and attorney Alan Bennett Garfinkel, and in memoriam for  John M. Schwartz, Esq.

Leo Garfinkel, Alan Bennett Garfinkel’s father, fought in World War II. He was an MP (military policeman).  His father fought  In World War I.  Alan’s father-in-law, John M. Schwartz, who for decades had a thriving practice in Titusville, was a captain in the military during the Vietnam War.

John Schwartz, after whom the Garfinkel Schwartz, P.A., legal firm was named, was involved in the Defense Base Act area of practice for more than 40 years. John’s father, Sydney Schwartz also practiced in this area of law.

John led and ran the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s practice in Titusville, Florida, as a commitment made over several generations to continue to serve the many former military members who have stepped in to work for defense contractors in war torn lands.

Bennett and Landon Garfinkel, Alan’s sons, are talented legal and medical researchers. They work with Garfinkel Schwartz to be fourth generation lawyers and carry on the tradition of their great-grandfather, both his grandfathers (Leo Garfinkel and John Schwartz) and his father’s law practice.

Together there is a heritage of legal and military professionalism and commitment driving this family-centric business.

Garfinkel Schwartz Longshore and Defense Base Act attorney Brian Wiklendt represents contractors and has over 20 years of experience.  Brian worked previously for insurance companies and is very familiar with the extent to which insurance companies go to deny claims.

Garfinkel Schwartz will represent clients so that they receive the very best possible medical care to ensure a quality life, one family at a time.

Alan Garfinkel, Founder, Attorney
Brian Wiklendt, Lead Counsel Attorney
Landon Garfinkel, Legal Assistant
Giselle Garcia, Attorney
Rory Tufts, Paralegal
Cristina Tapia, Legal Assistant

Garfinkel Schwartz is a compassionate resource for families and individuals who have been hurt or who have gotten sick while working for defense contractors or longshoremen.

We are committed to providing you with resources such as videos, blog posts and useful links to give you the opportunity to understand your rights. You will frequently receive tips and help to maximize the value of your Defense Base Act case.

Millions of Dollars recovered in compensation and medical benefits. More than 50 years of dedicated experience helping the injured around the world.
You pay no legal fees ever
Once we win the case, all our fees are paid separately without deducting it from your settlement. Garfinkel Schwartz takes all the financial risk to help you.

Helping injured workers
Lawyers at Garfinkel Schwartz have decades of experience in Defense Base Act/Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act.

No matter where you are.
We fly to you, listen to you and evaluate your case to formulate a strategy and action plan. Our multilingual personnel are available in any region around the world.

Multilingual Team
Garfinkel Schwartz has a multilingual, multinational support team. We speak your language during the initial consultation and all through your case. We speak Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Urdu, Spanish and dozens of other languages and dialects.

Find doctors anywhere in the world
You get access to a vast global network of doctors inside and outside United States. We will help you find doctors and get you the treatment needed.

We advance the medical fees
To determine the legitimacy of your case and medical condition, Garfinkel Schwartz pays for an initial medical evaluation. If you are outside The USA, we find a doctor or medical facility in your region through our vast network.

We keep you fully informed
You receive regular updates regarding your case progress. You can contact us any time through phone, email or live chat available on our website.

Case Manager
Our clients get a Case Manager who speaks their language. You will have full control over your case with no language barriers if you speak English, Spanish, French, Russian, Farsi, Pashto, Arabic, Urdu, Albanian, Bosnian, Serbian and Japanese.

We prepare you
We help you understand everything about your case.

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