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Our California Attorneys are dedicated to providing high quality modern legal representation. We are a consumer based law firm serving the Greater Los Angeles Area and have been successful in handling thousands of cases and recovering millions of dollars for our clients.


We serve a variety of individuals including those who are hiring an Attorney for the first time to sophisticated investors and business owners. Whether it is Litigation, Trials, Appeals, Foreclosure Defense, Breach of Contract, Real Estate Transactions, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Quiet Title, Evictions, Divorce, Probate, Probate Contests, Estate Planning and Wills & Trusts Gomez & Simone is there for you. High quality representation at an affordable rate. Spanish Speaking Staff & Attorneys Available

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Spanish Speaking Staff & Attorneys Available

We are ready to fight for those that have been injured. A majority of our Attorneys and staff have worked at legal aid clinics or other non-profits prior to working at Gomez & Simone. Thanks to our clients, we have been able to successfully fight against Banks, fraudulent Real Estate individuals and others who have defrauded or who have taken advantage of others throughout California. We thank our clients for being part of the G&S family.

“If you do good work, the rest will follow.”

In our Published Appellate Case– Valbuena v. Ocwen – we beat the bank on appeal and forced them to the settlement table (terms of which are of course confidential). The banks have the money to spend on litigation and can afford to not provide a worthwhile settlement offer for YEARS. In fact the case continued even after appeal for months until it was clear we were prepared for trial. This tactic is common when going against any large corporation and Gomez & Simone are prepared for the long fight when necessary.

Stuart R. Simone, Esq.
Partner Attorney Stuart R. Simone is a “triple-threat” litigator, equally comfortable in California State Unlimited Civil Court, Unlawful Detainer Limited Court, and Federal Bankruptcy Court. Mr. Simone understands that each court system has its own idiosyncrasies requiring a tailored approach. This wide range of courtroom experience is very helpful in Mr. Simone’s chosen area of expertise, Real Estate Law, as all three court systems can come into play for a single client.  For example, a Foreclosure Defense client might come into the office defending an eviction case in Unlawful Detainer court, and Mr. Simone might file an lawsuit against the mortgage lender in unlimited civil court, stop the Unlawful Detainer case with a Motion to Consolidate, negotiate to unwind the sale, and ultimately solve the client’s default with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  As you can see, Stuart Simone has the unique legal knowledge and experience to advise new and retained clients of all their possible legal options and strategies.

Moreover, Stuart Simone is also a real estate investor with knowledge of many strategies to avoid foreclosure or sell a property quickly by non-conventional methods, including Short Sales (a conventional strategy) and Subject-To sales transactions (a cutting-edge strategy that not only avoids foreclosure but builds the defaulting homeowner’s credit.)  These strategies are used for clients who wish to sell the property quickly and easily, or as a last resort for those in foreclosure who have no options to keep their home but still want to avoid foreclosure.  These unconventional sales strategies can also simplify matters for probate administrators, or anybody who wants to quickly and easily sell their property “as is” without the time and expense of the traditional method of listing with a Realtor.  As a result of his goal of providing a “homeowner’s one-stop legal shop,” Stuart Simone also drafts Wills and Trusts to provide Estate Planning and/or Asset Protection for our clients.  Stuart Simone generously shares his knowledge with numerous blogs and public speaking engagements at Real Estate Offices and Senior Living Facilities.

Before co-founding Gomez & Simone, Stuart Simone represented property owners, landlords and tenants in three other law firms. He received his undergraduate degree, a BA in English, from UCLA, and worked as a journalist, publicist, music editor, engineer/producer and record company paralegal before graduating from Southwestern Law School in 2009. At Southwestern, Mr. Simone earned two CALI awards, given to the student with the highest grade in the class. When not working to keep clients in their homes, Stuart Simone enjoys writing and playing music with an active lifestyle including snowboarding and volleyball.

Education: UCLA, Bachelor of Arts (English)

Law School: Southwestern Law School, J.D.

Admitted to practice:

All Courts for the State of California
U.S. District Court Central District of California

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