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Family Law Firm in Highlands Ranch, CO

Backed by 30+ Years of Experience

When your family is facing a legal issue, it can change your life and your relationship with them going forward. Having a divorce and family law attorney with experience can be a very important factor in determining how you move on with your life. At Gomolson & Zehfuss, LLC, we are capable of taking the time to understand what your priorities are and develop an effective plan-of-action with those in mind. Your case is unique and having a personalized and carefully crafted legal strategy can help you and your family find a sense of peace through the process.

By carefully discussing your particular circumstance, our Highlands Ranch family law and divorce attorneys are able to use their experience, knowledge, and resources to provide you with customized legal representation. Whether you might benefit from litigation or the collaborative nature of mediation, Gomolson & Zehfuss, LLC could make sure that your rights are defended. Whether we go to court or mediation, we are focused on making sure that we are prepared by having a full understanding of the facts of the case and potential issues that may affect the client. We also know that this is not an easy situation for you or your family, and we are here to provide our clients with focused representation.

Our attorneys at Gomolson & Zehfuss haveover 30 years of combined experience representing clients in divorce and family law matters. We pride ourselves on being more than just your typical family law firm. We understand that your issue can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed at a time when you need protection, clarity, and peace of mind. Searching for the right legal counsel adds to the stress and confusion, complicating your situation even further. Gomolson & Zehfuss is the solution to protecting your children, your privacy, and assets, and securing your future.

Our Mission: Your Priority is Our Priority
Our goal is to put you in the driver’s seat while we effectively and efficiently navigate you through the legal complexities of your divorce or family law matter. We strive to gain a full understanding of your case and your specific needs so that we can ensure your goals are achieved. We will collaborate with you on establishing and maintaining realistic and honest expectations by drawing from our extensive experience and skills and keeping communication open through all stages of your case.

Our mission is to provide you with the protection, clarity, and peace of mind you need to navigate through this complex and confusing time and achieve the closure you require for the future you deserve.

Our Philosophy: Finding Efficient Solutions at a Reasonable Price
The end of your divorce or family law matter is also the beginning of your next chapter. We proficiently evaluate and assess your case from beginning to end and implement effective strategies with your future in mind. We recognize the importance of conserving and preserving your family resources so they can be used to build your family’s future rather than wasted on extinguishing its past. Our family lawyers in Highlands Ranch utilize the most effective method to bring closure to your divorce or family law matter, whether that means an aggressive litigation approach, collaborative approach, or a hybrid of different strategies. By utilizing creative and proven solutions to your most complex divorce and family law issues, you can rest assured that your future is secure.

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