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Ron Graziano is one of South Jersey’s leading family law attorneys, and has dedicated his service to the community since 1974. Throughout attorney Graziano’s professional career he has worked tirelessly to help clients navigate New Jersey divorce law. Mr. Graziano is widely recognized for his unyielding support to his client’s situations, and is acutely sensitive to their requirements.

Mr. Graziano has represented thousands of clients during his career, and deeply understands those clients’ fears and concerns. His ability to empower clients with realtime information, and updates, along with his candid analysis on the varying aspects of each case are part of his successful longevity. The law practice of Graziano & Flynn is based on the belief that people in need of a divorce lawyer in Cherry Hill, New Jersey deserve to be represented by a compassionate, skilled communicator who will fight on their behalf. Although not every case goes to court, you will be represented by a highly effective trial attorney, who will stand firm in the face of opposing counsel if required.

Your financial situation will be reviewed to ensure that your case is resolved in a manner that you can afford. For you to get the results you desire without ruining future relations between you, your children and your ex-spouse, you must select a divorce lawyer who fully understands your family situation in regards to divorce, child custody, child support and alimony. Your lawyer must regularly monitor the ever changing updates to divorce law in New Jersey, which can drastically impact your case. Knowing the judges, opposing counsel, and operations of the courts in Southern Jersey is paramount to winning your case.

Family Law
In moments of crisis it is extremely difficult to appreciate the various ways New Jersey family law will affect your future. At Graziano & Flynn, P.C., in Cherry Hill, N.J., we offer comprehensive legal representation to individuals struggling with divorce and other family law matters. As a local N.J. family law firm, our attorneys are eager to commit their time and energy to work tirelessly for your unique situation. Each case is different and our ability to tailor our representation to meet your needs is one of our specialties.

Family Law Services for Southern New Jersey
Different than most other legal issues, family law matters are intensely personal. The sensitivities surrounding family disputes require thorough dedication, and professional support to facilitate calm and rational decision-making. The family law attorneys at Graziano & Flynn, P.C., have years of experience in handling high stakes, emotional divorces. We cover a wide range of family law matters in Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County and throughout the state of New Jersey.

Here is a brief list of some of the various cases a New Jersey family lawyer handles for their clients:

The emotional and complex decision to pursue a divorce in South New Jersey is for many a zero sum game. Contemplating the benefits in filing for a divorce is no light task. Divorce is a fracture between two people, and the fracture can penetrate all the way to the extended family and the children of the separating couple. This can be extremely emotional and depending on the length of the marriage, assets, and other material property, the divorce can crush the spirit of both parties.

When a divorce in Southern New Jersey has property, and other assets in dispute, the principals involved can either choose to subdivide, or fight to gain control of their belongings. If the parties are able to reach an agreement and divide the property and assets with mutual benefit, than the two individuals will emerge victorious. The legal fees associated to dividing belongings more often than not will cost more than the sum value of the property in dispute. Most family disputes in Southern New Jersey that conclude in agreement are resolved faster than a divorce and are far less costly.

Alimony, or spousal support is the obligation bound by law where one spouse is required by New Jersey family law to extend financial aid to the other party preceding separation or divorce.

Some of the factors in determining alimony payments in New Jersey include some of the following:

An ability to pay
The lifestyle supported in marriage
Their ability to earn, and how much they actually earn
The duration of the marriage
Alimony is usually granted after a lengthy marriage, or in certain instances some individuals agree to give up career ambitions to support their spouse or children. Alimony is a form of financial aid awarded in a divorce or in a legal separation and in many circumstances, alimony in Southern New Jersey is decreed in parallel with child support, which will come at the discernment of the New Jersey judge in the case.

A Business Owner Divorce
Going through divorce as a business owner in Southern New Jersey is a process that will require competent legal counsel. As a business owner, you are recommended to understand what action the court may take against you. A court handling family law in Southern New Jersey has to first assign value upon the assets and debts in the marriage. Appraising a business is sometimes easy and can be concluded simply by reviewing a balance sheet, or it can be rather difficult. Assessing the value of a business owner can also entail teams of accountants testifying in court over the worth of the business.

Separation Agreements
I am here to help you establish a separation agreement. For those who have come to a point where you can no longer continue with your spouse, yet you are not yet ready for a full divorce, the separation agreement is your best choice. Taking the step to separate from your partner is never easy, especially when there are children, assets and other properties at risk. Without completely terminating the marriage, a separation agreement enables you to maintain your legal rights within the following parameters of New Jersey family law: child and spousal support arrangements; assets and living arrangements, child custody, visitation rights, and more.

Once your divorce is complete you may require further adjustments, or modifications to one or more stipulations in your divorce settlement. In some cases, one of the parties involved in the divorce wants to change the visiting permissions after the divorce decree has been issued, or in other cases a mistake may have been made by one of the principals involved and this will certainly require a modification.

Enforcement Actions
In certain instances when the other party is unable to hold their end in the original divorce agreement, enforcement action will need to be initiated. If the other party has abandoned a court order, or divorce agreement, the court can bestow actions on clauses of the agreements using contempt of court, and other methods. The law office of Graziano & Flynn can help you petition the Southern New Jersey court for help if your ex-wife/husband has neglected to hold up their side of the terms in your divorce.

Child Custody
For couples with children who are in the process of divorce, one of the most pressing and troubling parts to the divorce is how to address the issue of custody for the children. At Graziano & Flynn we have decades of experience in fighting for your desires in the battle of child custody. Our practice has helped countless families in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, as well as other communities in Camden County, N.J. and other communities, deal with the emotional range of issues that are raised when children are involved in a divorce.

A Recognized New Jersey Family Law Attorney
I am proud of the hard work, and long outstanding track record as a top divorce lawyer in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We have helped so many people through the turmoil that divorce brings to their personal life.

Our goal is to fight for your needs, and we will not leave your side until you have reached your goal. As one of the longest standing family law practices in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, I can speak for the firm when I say we truly serve the community with the highest service, and absolute respect for families in crisis.

Please reach out to us 856-351-5254, or simply complete the online form. I will speak with you personally and it will be my privilege to serve and advise you by phone. I will take the time to understand your personal situation, and overall objections. I will listen to you.

I want you to understand that your issues are my concern.
I will only agree to take your case if I truly believe I can make the impact that you desire.
I will not take your case unless I am absolutely certain that your that your intentions are realistic, affordable, and attainable.
I will only agree to being hired on your behalf if it is clear that our relationship is open, transparent and will work for you.

Ron Graziano has been an attorney in the Southern New Jersey area for over thirty years. He attended Rutgers-Camden Law School earning a Doctor Jurisprudence degree in 1973. While at Rutgers, Ron received the "Corpus Juris Secundum Award" for Most Significant Contribution to Overall Legal Scholarship at the law school. He was also appointed Associate Editor of the Rutgers-Camden Law Journal. In September 1973 Ron accepted a position as judicial clerk with Mitchell H.Cohen, at that time the Chief Judge of the New Jersey Federal System. The federal court house in Camden now bears Judge Cohen's name.

When his clerkship term ended Ron Graziano began his litigation career in 1974 as an associate with the law firm of Tomar, Parks, Seliger, Simonoff & Adourian. By 1979 Ron had become partner and became the firm’s managing partner in 1990. He held that position for ten years during which time the firm grew to over sixty lawyers. All the while Ron maintained his litigation practice taking ever more complicated cases to trial. In fact, Ron was a certified trial attorney for over 25 years. In 2003 Ron began the law firm of Ronald A. Graziano, A Professional Corporation. Ron is proud of the highest possible ranking provided to him by his peers for integrity and legal ability. Ron has also been recognized as a “New Jersey Super Lawyer”, as well as having the distinction of being listed in the publication “The Best Lawyers in America.”

During the early 1980’s Ron began a career of public service while still practicing law. He was elected as a Councilman in Mount Laurel Township serving as Deputy Mayor and ultimately as Mayor. During this period he also served on the Township Planning Board.

Ron’s public service interests and community involvement have not been entirely political. He has served as the Chancellor of the Rutgers-Camden Law School Alumni Association, as a member of the Board of Directors for Camden Regional Legal Services, as an Executive Committee member of the New Jersey Association of Trial Lawyers of America and as a member of the Merit Selection Panel for the United States District Court of the District of New Jersey.

Ron’s community work has also included the youth of his community. For seven years he served as a baseball coach. For two of those years he was the director of a baseball program that involved nearly seventy coaches, forty teams and five hundred youngsters.

For nearly a decade Ron has taught seminars for other lawyers on various legal topics under the auspices of the Institute for Continuing Legal Education. As part of those seminars, he has published monographs on topics ranging from products liability to business litigation. Actually, Ron’s legal publishing career began in law school when he published a case comment entitled “Constitutional Law-School Desegregation.”

Although born in New York, Ron has been a resident of the South Jersey area since 1970. He is admitted as an attorney in New Jersey, New York and the District of Columbia. He is admitted to the bar of the United States Supreme Court as well as the Second and Third Circuit Courts of Appeal. He has argued before the New Jersey Supreme Court and several of his cases have resulted in published opinions by Appellate Courts.

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