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New York City Criminal Defense and Divorce Attorney

Tenacious and Strategic Counsel for Your Legal Crisis
If you find yourself facing an unexpected legal crisis, you may be at a loss as to what to do next. At H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C., our highly regarded criminal defense and divorce lawyer is dedicated to defending individuals confronting life-altering legal situations. From child custody battles to felony trials, we can provide the formidable representation you need to aggressively protect your personal freedom and future.

Top-Rated NYC Trial Lawyer
Our firm is focused on case development and presentation. The first step is to meet with us - as soon as possible. Let us help you through this difficult time! We will stand by you no matter how grim your case may appear. Whether you are accused of DUI or you are filing for a divorce, the earlier we get involved in your case, the better.

Have You Been Arrested for a Crime?
When facing charges for a misdemeanor or felony offense, the trial skills of your New York City criminal lawyer are a critical element in the outcome of your case. You cannot take chances in cases in which your freedom could be taken from you by the criminal justice system. Our 24 hour criminal attorney's early involvement in your case could mean the difference between freedom and a conviction.

When we take on a case, our goal is to protect your rights as a defendant. The police in New York City make serious errors every day, and your case may be open to a dismissal for certain actions that have been taken during your arrest, in searching your person or your home or car, or in the interrogation process.

One of the most critical points in a criminal case is the arraignment. We can serve as immediate counsel for arrested individuals. We are available 24/7 and can provide the formidable advocacy you need to protect you in questioning and represent you at arraignment. The arraignment hearing is a critical point in the criminal justice process, and without aggressive defense counsel at your side, there could be disastrous results.

Do You Need Representation for Divorce in New York City?
Tension in the home is very difficult for families to experience, and at times, a divorce may be the best option. If you are considering filing for divorce in NYC, we encourage you to contact our office to discuss the details before you take the step to file. What you do prior to filing divorce could impact a court decision, such as moving out of the family home, moving assets, or other similar actions.

Whether you are seeking a simple divorce or you expect to have every detail vigorously challenged, we are prepared to protect your rights throughout the process. With extensive experience in both contested and uncontested divorces, you can trust that our New York Criminal Defense Attorney is equipped to walk you through the process. Our professional resources are highly respected in their fields, including forensic accountants and child experts.

The Achievements That Set Our Firm Apart from the Rest
We offer an outstanding degree of knowledge in case preparation and the strategies that can be employed in presenting a defense at trial. Our team has the insight into the court system that can only be gained by working on the other side. You can expect the highest level of focus and personal attention to be given your case. We like to win. We do everything possible to gain an advantage, from negotiating with the prosecutor and providing zealous advocacy in family court, to presenting a persuasive defense at trial.

H. Benjamin Perez

H. Benjamin Perez is a career trial lawyer experienced in litigating cases in criminal court, divorce and family courts, and immigration court. He began his career at a well-known midtown law firm with an extensive criminal, matrimonial and immigration practice that litigates thousands of cases every year.

No matter what type of case you may have, Mr. Perez prides himself on providing his clients with the highest level of service and dedication. Mr. Perez received his bachelor's degree from John Jay College, and then went on to obtain his law degree from Yeshiva University's Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in the heart of New York City.

H. Benjamin Perez is a member of the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the New York State Bar Association, the Federal Bar Council and the Dominican Bar Association. Being fluent in Spanish, Mr. Perez and his staff are well-equipped to serve a wide range of clients.

John Jay College
Yeshiva University's Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
New York State Bar Association
Federal Bar Council
Dominican Bar Association

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