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Greenbrae Attorney Experienced in Israel Law, Real Estate and Business Law

Hadar Weitzman
Mr. Hadar W. Weitzman specializes and has gained vast experience in Accounting, Israeli Law, California and US law, as well as Investment Banking; he has served as a board member of a multi-billion dollar company. In Addition, Mr. Weitzman gained experience in Arbitration Law, Securities Law, Investments, Capital Markets, International Business, Corporations Law, and Bankruptcy Law.
Before establishing his law firm and his investment banking firm, Mr. Weitzman worked in a leading Israeli law firm (Prof. Joseph Gross, Hodak, Greenberg), served as Law Clerk to the Chief Judge of the Tel Aviv District Court (Dr. Eliyahu Vinograd), worked in a leading Israeli CPA/Accounting firm (today Ernst & Young) as well as in Israel's largest investment company (The Israel Corporation). He then worked in a California law firm in Century City, CA, (a spinoff of Manatt Phelps) and later returned to Israel in 1992 to continue working at Prof. Gross Hodak Greenberg Law Firm. Mr. Weitzman then established his own law firm and capital raising/investment banking firm. Prior to his university studies and professional career, he served in the Israeli Defense Forces (The IDF) as an officer, attaining the rank of Lieutenant.
Mr. Weitzman has been lecturing in Israel on accounting matters as well as on legal matters at a college level. That includes the Tel Aviv Open University, The Tel Aviv College of Management, and courses of the Israeli Bar Association. In addition, Weitzman was a speaker and lectured in conferences and in professional seminars for executives, lawyers, accountants, and others.

Mr. Hadar Weitzman was also appointed by the Israeli Supreme Court as a mediator in the Supreme Court's cases, and he was nominated numerous times by judges of the Tel Aviv and Central Appellate Court as an arbitrator, with the authority of judgment in complex cases which require legal, accounting and business skills, together with integrity and inter-personal skills. He has also been chosen more than 30 times as an arbitrator by his peers, attorneys, accountants, and managers.
Mr. Weitzman was appointed many times by the judges of the Central Region Court as a receiver and trustee in business and corporate cases.

He has served as Chairman of the Capital Markets Committee, at The Israel Bar Association, and in the central Israel and Tel-Aviv Area. He served as a Board Member at Ayalon Highways Corporation Ltd. (the largest infrastructure company in Israel).
Mr. Weitzman also served as member of "The Parliamentary Forum" of the Institute of C.P.A.'s in Israel, on matters of accounting , economic, tax, and other matters of interest to the CPA's of Israel. He was as member of "Capital Markets Enactment Committee" and the Israel Bar Association. Mr. Weitzman represented the Israeli Bar in the Knesset (Parliament) on several occasions. He was a Member of the “Investment Banking Committee”, the institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, and the “Taxation Committee” in Israel.

The Hadar Weitzman Law Firm is a San Francisco Bay Area law firm specializing in California U.S and Israel Law.

California - US - Israel Law
We are California law firm specializing in Business Law, including Business Litigation, Capital Markets, Capital Raising, Finance, Real Estate, Real Estate Investments and Due Diligence, combining both California and Israel Law. 
The firm assists US companies doing business in Israel and Israeli companies doing business in the US.
We handle business litigation in Israel, as well as in California, and serve as an expert witness in the US courts. 

Main Areas of Practice: 
Litigation (USA District courts, California courts and Israel courts)
Real Estate Law and Real Estate investments (in USA and Israel)
Real Estate Syndications
Capital Raising for companies or Investment Funds (including by Private Placement Memorandum-PPMs, Reg D, Reg S and more)
Corporate Law and Business Law
Securities Law, Investment Banking and M&A transactions
International Taxation
Business Development
Expert witness in US courts, especially on Israeli Law and Israeli Accounting and Business.  

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