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Criminal Defense Law Firm in San Diego, CA

The partners at HHJ started their careers as criminal defense attorneys fighting in the courtroom every day. The attorneys at HHJ quickly litigated over an impressive 100 jury trials at their prior firm and established a reputation for winning the most difficult cases. Their impressive trial results enabled them to negotiate from a position of strength which yielded better settlement agreements for their clients. Other attorneys at their office started attending their trials to learn what they were doing differently. With great trial results, the partners at HHJ wanted to share their skills and trial techniques with new law students and began teaching trial skills at California Western School of Law in San Diego, California.

In 2015-2016, Adam, Michael and Elliott moved to Dubois, Wyoming for one month to attend the most prestigious and selective trial advocacy college in the world—The Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College. HHJ quickly came to learn that many victims injured in accidents are grossly underrepresented because their attorneys do not have the training or trial experience to effectively represent their clients. HHJ believes that clients deserve better. The partners at HHJ therefore decided to use their extensive litigation experience to fight for people wrongfully injured in an accident and help them recover monetary damages.

Partners Adam, Michael and Elliott started HHJ with the shared vision to radically change the type of representation clients receive when they hire an attorney. At HHJ, every client becomes part of the family and is involved in the decision making process. HHJ Trial Attorneys understands and embraces the fact that each attorney possesses different skills, strategies, and ideas in the litigation process. That’s why at HHJ, each client will have the benefit of having at least three attorneys to work up and prepare their case. HHJ Trial Attorneys continuously strives to improve its practice so that its clients are put at ease knowing that they have the best attorneys in the courtroom.


No Fees Until We Win on Personal Injury Cases
Our firm takes on personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. You do not pay any fees for your case unless we win or settle your case. You concentrate on healing from your injuries and let HHJ take care of the rest.

Seasoned Trial Attorneys
Each attorney at our firm has handled thousands of cases from start to finish. HHJ knows how to effectively and aggressively negotiate a case and how to pressure the opposition to reach a favorable settlement. Most importantly, our attorneys are expert trial lawyers that are willing and able to take your case to trial if there is not a reasonable
settlement offer. We will accept nothing less than the full amount that your case is worth.

Immediate Response Available 24/7/365
The attorneys at HHJ are dedicated to helping our clients whenever they are in need. Our attorneys are accessible 24 hours a day because we know that sudden and tragic life events can happen at any time. The phones at HHJ never go to voicemail, and you will always be able to speak directly to your attorney.

All Three Partners Work Up Every Case
Unlike most law firms that have only one attorney or paralegal working on each case, HHJ has all three partners work up every case. It is important for each partner to help build every client’s case so the client receives the best possible outcome.

Most attorneys across the United States have never litigated a case in front of a jury. Litigation is the last legal art form that combines intelligence, charisma and experienced judgement which takes years to master. Unfortunately, judges push attorneys to settle cases because of increasing court costs.
Attorneys across the nation have unfortunately jumped right into the government’s scheme because a quick settlement usually means a quick payout. Sadly, quick payouts mean attorneys are sacrificing litigation experience and are settling cases for less than they are worth.

A caseis only worth what a jury says it is worth. Opposing counsel prefers to craft settlement agreements to prevent a case from going to trial because jurors can be unpredictable. The attorneys at HHJ quickly learned that district attorneys and insurance company lawyers offer weaker settlement agreements to clients that have attorneys with limited trial experience. Ultimately, there is no incentive for opposing counsel to offer better settlement agreements when they know the client’s attorney cannot properly litigate a case and will simply accept the last settlement offer.

At HHJ, every partner graduated from the prestigious and selective Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College and uses unorthodox methods to refine their trial skills. HHJ works with professional actors, expert storytellers, and psycho-dramatists to improve their ability to tell the client’s story. The attorneys at HHJ often consult other attorneys on how to prepare and strategize for trial. As a result, opposing counsel will often know of our attorneys’ reputation for winning, which can result in better settlement agreements for our clients. The attorneys at HHJ have successfully litigated over 100 jury trials and have reached thousands of favorable settlements and jury verdicts for their former clients.

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