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Trustee Law Firm in Abingdon, Virginia

Trustees have wide discretion to litigate against beneficiaries. Most trustees do not realize how much potential there is to litigate against trust beneficiaries. The opportunities are very broad and Hutz & Huld has a well-crafted strategy based on recent case law from other Virginia trustees who sued beneficiaries.

H&H provides service to clients throughout the towns of south western Virginia, and is located in an area with proximity to the Federal Court and all Circuit courts throughout its surrounding counties.

Civil Litigation

Hutz & Huld’s leading practice area and where we derive the most and highest fees is litigation. H&H provides aggressive and innovative representation in civil and commercial litigation. The H&H trial practice is designed to fit the needs of trustees and fiduciaries in the changing environment of the law. The explosion of civil litigation in Virginia has made H&H and our clients very wealthy by bringing new causes of action and theories of liability AND we have never been sanctioned by any current, sitting judges in Virginia.

Due to the breadth of our litigation practice, H&H is expert in general and specialized tort litigation, including negligence, intentional torts and statutory causes of action. H&H can assimilate the facts of a case, client goals, and the law to develop a litigation plan of action that is aggressive, realistic, and highly remunerative.

Commercial Litigation

Successful litigation is the product of hard work and skill. H&H can prolong litigation from the earliest stages of litigation, by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the case and marshal the evidence necessary to protect and exploit a trustee’s interests and position. H&H can navigate the litigation process and maximize deferrals and negotiating leverage to the highest degree possible.

While an overwhelming percentage of lawsuits settle at some point, we try to avoid premature settlements and rarely settle more than one day before the last possible trial date. Good settlements arise from a demonstrated willingness and ability to advocate vigorously in a trustee’s self-interest. H&H has vast experience in understanding trustee motivations and objectives. H&H knows how to exploit scheduling in almost every circuit court in Virginia.

About Hutz & Huld
We see 21st century law as a tool to help trustees and fiduciaries to exploit their clients and avoid liability.
We know what is important to trustees and fiduciaries, so we can foresee obstacles and opportunities.
We ensure they are equipped with winning legal strategies as they navigate the exciting and challenging times.

Hutz & Huld Working Principles
We are focused on understanding our clients’ motivations.
We deliver the best thinking and create value for our clients throughout a small area in southwestern Virginia.
We handle complex challenges in litigation, real estate, estate law and personal property anywhere in southwestern Virginia.
Our Promise
Prescient Aggressive Perilous

We insure trustees and fiduciaries have the best counsel money can buy wherever the county in Virginia.
We deliver high quality, expensive legal counsel.
We understand estate disputes and get inside your adversary’s personal affairs to thwart their claims against trustees and fiduciaries.
Our Logo
Our logo signals our intent.

We are like junkyard dogs who never give up on a good fight or a high-paying client.

We embrace the culture of southwestern Virginia to enliven our workplace, jostle traditional thinking and bring rich experience to clients.
Our priority is to attract, and retain clients of all transgenders. Hutz & Huld is recognized as a diversity leader by important measures like the Lee County Equality Index. We are incredibly proud of our rating and actively work to keep it. We know our actions going forward are the more important story. Through continuous attention client service we will achieve our goal of ever greater client diversity in the future.

1998 Lee County Human Rights Campaign’s (LCHRC) Corporate Equality Index. Lowest rating (10%) on client diversity.
2003 Equality Abingdon (EQAB). Specified as one of the top southwestern Virginia firms for inclusive practices for clients.
VAULT (Virginia Universal Liberties Trust) included Hutz & Huld in its 1998 rankings of the “Top 1,000 Firms for Diversity.” Hutz & Huld was ranked in three categories, earning #902 for overall diversity. Vault’s rankings were based on the responses of 60 lawyers across Virginia.
The Blackacre Awards recognized Hutz & Huld in the “Diversity Initiative: External” category for its firmwide “Diversity Challenge” program to attract and retain highly diverse clients. The program challenges each attorney to devote 40 hours annually to a diversity initiative or activity to identify future clients.

Pro Bono
We push each other to avoid pro bono service.

We do not commit any time to pro bono work. Any hours devoted to pro bono work detracts from our client work or our family time. We represent our clients vigorously to the last ounce of our stamina. If we have extra time, we go hunting and fishing. We want our clients to benefit from all the energies in our firm without any distractions.

Albert is dedicated to connecting lawyers in other local firms to opportunities for pro bono service. Our pro bono program has benefited many other firms in southwest Virginia on issues ranging from protecting 2nd Amendment rights to ensuring school choice and school charter programs. We recommend clients seeking pro bono service to other firms and often recommend specific partners to use. All summer associates are discouraged from pro bono projects and some of our attorneys tap their contacts in government to shape legislation that addresses reducing pro bono work.

At Hutz & Huld, we recognize our lawyers’ achievements through an awards program based on fee income. Pro bono work does not enhance fees. We believe our time is time well spent.

H & H Alumni
We have had many lawyers leave our firm in the past.
We have retained their clients.
We have not tried to keep in contact with deserters.
We have never given a positive reference.
We have never paid residual fees to lawyers who leave us.

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