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Criminal, DUI and Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers

We are the leading legal firm providing representation in criminal cases, including DUI allegations, thefts, battery, assaults, domestic violence and all other criminal allegations against citizens. We also provide assistance with traffic violations such as reckless driving allegations, suspended license, DUI, speeding tickets, red light camera tickets, stop sign tickets, commercial driver violations and all other traffic violations that are alleged against motorists.

Furthermore, we provide assistance with issues relating to the Department of Motor Vehicle suspensions such as: DUI suspensions, elder suspensions, medical suspension, fatality suspensions. We assist citizens with civil cases such as: Civil restraining orders, defense and prosecution of them, car accidents with injury, dog bites.

Our office also specializes in the handling of administrative license hearings, security guard licenses, contractor license, taxi permits, school expulsions hearings, appeals and all administrative actions against professional licenses. Lastly, we assist those who are currently in deportation proceedings with the U.S. immigration courts. We provide aggressive, ethical and effective legal representation in all of the aforementioned matters. 

There is no other firm that performs the aforementioned services with the same level of competency, tenacity and which can acquire the types of successful results we have achieved for our clients!  If you find that you, a friend or a loved one, is in need of any lo these legal services, please do not hesitate to call us to schedule a consultation, we can help!

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