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Pennsylvania Civil and Criminal Law Attorney

When a crisis in your family requires a legal remedy, it’s important to have a capable and committed family law attorney on your side. At Kelly Family Law, PLLC, you receive personal attention, reliable advice and staunch advocacy. Since 1999, I have helped clients in Chester County and the surrounding counties resolve conflicts, dissolve marriages, and move on to a more secure future. I am ready to protect your rights and find creative solutions to your difficulties, so you can have peace of mind now and in the future.

When a legal conflict could decide your family’s future, you want capable and dedicated legal representation. That’s exactly what I provide at Kelly Family Law, PLLC. When you retain my services, you get an advocate who is:

Established — I have practiced law in Chester County for more than 15 years, building a reputation for professionalism and ethics.
Highly skilled — I have honed my negotiation and trial skills in a wide range of civil and criminal court cases, including capital murder. I understand the pressure of high-stakes litigation, how to protect my client’s rights, and how to obtain positive results.
Genuinely concerned — After years of practice, I decided to focus my efforts on helping families overcome crises with sound legal counsel. I am committed to family law because I truly care for the people who come to me seeking assistance during a difficult time of their lives.
When you come to my office for help with a family law issue, you get quality legal assistance from a dedicated and skilled attorney at a very affordable rate.

Areas of Practice
Most people think of a family law attorney as someone you hire when you decide to get a divorce. However, a family law attorney can provide guidance in a wide variety of other types of cases. These matters include:

Starting a child custody action on behalf of a parent or grandparent
Modifying an existing child custody order
Starting an action for child support or spousal support
Modifying an existing child support or spousal support order
Preparing and negotiating prenuptial agreements
Preparing and negotiating postnuptial agreements
Although you can search Google for an answer or buy a prepackaged legal program, these types of sources should not be used to make decisions regarding your family’s future or to replace the advice of an experienced family law attorney. For example, although the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding custody, support, and divorce are the same throughout the state, each of the counties in Pennsylvania has its own local rules. These local rules govern everything from what can be filed with the court to what color the paper needs to be in order for a document to be accepted for filing. These local rules vary widely and can have a major impact on how you decide to move forward with any family law issue. Therefore, the internet can be a useful tool to help you become a more knowledgeable legal consumer, but it should never replace the advice of an experienced attorney.

Attorney Profile
Elizabeth Plasser Kelly, Esquire of Kelly Family Law, PLLC represents a wide array of clients in situations ranging from divorce, which may have been settled in part or in full, those that may be heavily disputed, as well as those consisting of high net worth estates. There is no substitute for the assistance and representation of an experienced, knowledgeable family law attorney who focuses her practice in the area of family law.  Liz provides thoughtful and strategic representation to those going through divorce, parents or grandparents seeking custody, or those seeking spousal support or child support.

Kelly Family Law, PLLC primarily dedicates its resources to family law matters; however, Liz is no stranger to the courtroom, or complex trial situations. In her twenty years as an attorney, she has gone to trial in various types of civil and criminal defense matters.  She has litigated or settled hundreds of cases in the courtrooms of Chester County.  These cases have ranged from minor civil litigation all the way to capital murder trials.

Liz remains active in the community where she lectures regularly, and she also volunteers her time to the boards of local non-profit entities.  She is also active in various local bar associations and honorary legal and litigation societies.  She is a well-respected advocate throughout Chester County, as well as Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Liz is admitted to practice in the following State and Federal Courts:

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Federal Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

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