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Philadelphia Landlord, Tenant Eviction and Criminal Defense Attorneys

Focused On Relationships And Results
With More Than 30 Years' Experience Handling A Wide Range Of Legal Matters Such As These, We Pride Ourselves On The Relationships That We Cultivate And The Efficient Legal Services That We Deliver. To Learn More About Any Of Our Practice Areas, Contact Us Online Or By Telephone To Schedule A Free Consultation.

A Family Of Lawyers Ready To Represent You
We Have A Deep Commitment To All Of Our Clients' Best Interests. We Represent Landlords And Tenants, As Well As Buyers And Sellers Of Real Estate In Pennsylvania. We Also Represent Business Owners, From Startups To Mature Companies. In Addition, We Offer A Full Range Of Criminal Defense Services, Including Representation Of Individuals Charged With Gun Crimes, Drug Crimes, DUI (Drunk Driving), Theft Offenses And Traffic Offenses.

We are a family of lawyers and staff who always remain on the cusp of our clients' urgent needs. At Kenneth L. Baritz & Associates, P.C., your time is important to us. Your urgent matters are a top priority. Here are some examples of why prompt, efficient legal representation matters:

A delay can threaten a real estate development or transaction.
Very often, evictions are time-sensitive matters both in Philadelphia and in New Jersey.
If you have a business opportunity, anything from acquiring a single potential tenant to contemplating a major construction project, delay can mean the loss of that opportunity.
It is not unusual for us to file appropriate legal papers the same day we meet with a new client for the very first time, initiating an eviction action, moving to collect and enforce a judgment or preparation of an agreement of sale for a prospective new homeowner.
In addition, our diligent attorneys will give you the peace of mind that we are properly protecting your constitutional rights as a defendant in a criminal defense matter. We also handle expungements if you have been arrested but not convicted of a crime.

Our law firm's philosophy, developed over decades of practice, is:

"If we provide high-quality, affordable legal service combined with prompt, efficient and congenial service, then our clients will continue to rely on us for years to come. Our long list of satisfied clients proves this to be true."

Kenneth L. Baritz & Associates, P.C., is a Philadelphia-area law firm consisting of a family of lawyers and staff, serving the Philadelphia area for more than 30 years. Kenneth and our other attorneys practice in a wide range of legal areas, including:

Real estate law
Landlord-tenant law
Business law
Estate planning
Criminal defense
Our founder, Kenneth L. Baritz, has practiced law in Pennsylvania since 1975. His thousands of clients include businesses, landlords and individuals. Kenneth's sons Todd and Cory are also seasoned attorneys who have helped hundreds of clients.

When you retain one of our attorneys, you benefit from our firm's wealth of experience and commitment to high-quality representation. We will be diligent, dedicated and prepared to help you from the moment you meet your lawyer to the time your legal matters are resolved. We also take pride in efficiency. Often, we are able to begin filing papers on your behalf the same day we meet.

We Aim to Meet Your Goals Efficiently and Promptly
Contact us today to discuss how we may be of service to you. Please call 866-415-6588 today.

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