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San Antonio, Texas Family Law and Divorce Attorney

A Tradition Of Service. A History Of Success.
As a child, my grandfather Henry B. Gonzalez, instilled in me an overriding belief in the importance of dedication, commitment and service to others. As I listened to my grandfather's stories from his service in the Texas Senate and his nearly 40 years of service to the citizens of Bexar County in the United States House of Representatives, I learned many important lessons. Above all, I learned the overriding importance in doing your absolute best to protect the rights of those who have entrusted themselves to your care. This is true no matter the odds that may be stacked against you.

This lesson was repeated for me when my uncle Charlie Gonzalez, a former Bexar County District Court Judge, was elected to my grandfather's seat in the United States House of Representatives. Uncle Charlie then continued the Gonzalez family tradition of serving the public in the United States Congress. Many other members of my family work in the legal profession as judges, trial lawyers and in other capacities.

Just as my grandfather Henry B., my uncle Charlie and, the family members who came before them, dedicated themselves tirelessly to seek justice and protect the rights of others, I use all the experience, skill and dedication that I possess to protect the rights of my clients. It is my goal to achieve the best possible results for each of my clients and to serve each client with the same integrity, dedication, commitment and honor that my family has displayed for over 100 years in the service of others in the State of Texas.

Taking A Team Approach To Your Legal Issues
Legal matters that require a family law attorney are extremely serious. An attorney is often able to achieve the best results by working with others. For this reason, I have associate lawyers and paralegals on my staff to help me deliver the service and representation my clients deserve. When you work with me, you will benefit from my own extensive legal experience, and also my entire team's experience and knowledge.

Above All, I Am Your Advocate And Your Ally
I know just how much is riding on the outcome of every family matter. I understand that a divorce, custody dispute, or other family issue will impact your relationship with your children, your finances and other important parts of your life. My goal in every case is twofold. First, I strive to achieve the best possible results for each of my clients. At the same time, I work tirelessly to serve each client with the same integrity, dedication, commitment and honor that my family has displayed for more than 100 years.

The Gonzalez family name is well-known, not only in San Antonio, and in Texas, but across the United States. Our family has a rich history of serving the public, beginning with my grandfather, Henry B. Gonzalez, who served as a U.S. congressman for nearly four decades. I grew up around renowned politicians, judges, attorneys and other people who devoted their lives to helping others on both an individual basis and on a community level.

I am proud to carry on that legacy at the Law Office of Rebecca Anne Gonzalez. I help people throughout Texas overcome challenging divorce and family law issues and a range of other legal problems. Having been through a difficult divorce myself, I understand the toll that these matters can take. That is why I am personally invested in every case, calling on my experience, knowledge and resources to efficiently guide people toward positive outcomes. In addition to divorce and family law cases, I also handle a variety of other legal matters, including personal injury claims, homeowners' association litigation, probate, wills and estates.

My skill in handling legal matters has led to me being called upon by KSAT1 12 as their Family Law Legal Expert. Furthermore, I have appeared on News Channel 4 San Antonio and other news outlets to discuss divorce and other family law cases. I have been profiled by San Antonio Woman for my personal commitment to guiding people through legal challenges. I have also given motivational speeches to various audiences, including students at St. Mary's University.

A Team Approach To Your Legal Issues
I have found that by working with other strong, skilled professionals, I can provide my clients with the highest caliber of legal representation. This is why when you work with my firm, you will work not only with me, but with my team of associate attorneys and paralegals. This promotes value to my clients and ensures that my time is spent on your most important matters.

Rebecca Anne Gonzalez

As a San Antonio lawyer, I extend personal care and understanding to families undergoing some of the most traumatic moments in their personal lives. My family law firm offers mediation and trial services for family law, matrimonial law and divorce law disputes.

As a San Antonio lawyer, I am dedicated to protecting my client’s rights and interests - both in and out of court. I offer mediation, coaching and counseling services and generally advise against litigating divorce and family matters unless absolutely necessary. Most San Antonio family law attorneys recommend a non-adversarial approach because (1) litigation is expensive and (2) mediation is generally more effective:

Counseling and mediation - I believe that peaceful resolution of home-based conflict through counseling and mediation often leads to more fulfilling and holistic outcomes at faster and more affordable rates. There are many other benefits associated with mediation. A recent divorce mediation study showed that parties involved in mediation are likely to comply with the agreement because each party pro actively voiced their concerns and negotiated the terms of the outcome. Furthermore, the study has demonstrated a high degree of correlation between mediated resolutions and non-custodial parent involvement in child rearing. My family law firm makes it a priority to put the family's best interests first - sometimes going so far as to recommend the services of church counseling and therapists to diffuse a brewing crisis.
Litigation - Adversarial courtroom proceedings allow a judge to settle the conflict when the litigants themselves cannot find middle ground. The court sets the time line for appearances and makes the final determination as to the outcome. An attorney serves - in this setting - to communicate the facts effectively so as to compel the judge to rule in his client’s favor. I have honed my trial skills in family court & bring substantive legal knowledge and expansive trial skill to the practice of family law litigation.
The Law Office of Rebecca Anne Gonzalez extends a helping hand to husbands, wives, parents, children, exes, grandparents, stepparents and new parents in need of legal services. My family law firm stands ready to fight in trial court when mediation fails to produce a just outcome. Our practice envelopes a broad range of practice areas, including contested divorce, uncontested divorce, paternity, modifications, alimony, child support and prenuptial agreements.

My fees are meant to be affordable and extended payment plans are available, if necessary. As your San Antonio attorney and staff we are committed to helping clients obtain swift and just resolutions to mediated and litigated matters. We strive to help you avoid expensive and messy family or divorce battles, but we are prepared to fight for you if litigation is the only option. From offices located in San Antonio Texas, I proudly represent clients throughout Bexar County.

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