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Colorado Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer

Legacy. Estate planning lawyers define “legacy” as “a gift by will, especially of personal property and often of money.” BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY 462 (9th ed. 2009). However, “legacy” has a much broader meaning to most of us. Our legacy is what we leave behind after we are gone. Our legacy is how we are remembered. Estate planning attorneys help you plan and carry out your personal legacy.

Maybe you are a small business owner who has watched your venture grow and prosper over the years. When you first started, you were both excited about building something of your own, but also nervous about the risk. Now that your business has done well, you are thinking about what will happen to it when you want to stop working and enjoy your hard earned retirement. You want to leave your business or professional practice in good hands.

You might be a parent who wants to protect and provide for young children. You want to make sure that your children are taken care of if you can no longer do so. This means selecting a guardian based on many factors (age, geography, values), and a trustee who can manage their money. It also means deciding where you want them to live, how you want them educated (public school? private school? parochial school?), and when you want them to receive their inheritances.

Maybe your professional ventures have been financially rewarding beyond your personal needs. Your family is comfortable and you would like to leave a charitable legacy to an organization which supports goals you want to advance. In addition to handing on your business or estate to your next generation, you want to leave a charitable legacy and want to know the most advantageous way to do so (private foundation? charitable lead trust? charitable remainder trust? donor advised fund?).

Suzanna Wasito Tiftickjian is a estate planning and probate lawyer who will work with you to design an estate plan that addresses your unique legacy goals. She can also guide you through the legal process with sensitivity and understanding after a loved one dies.

To discuss your legacy plan, call our Denver estate planning and probate attorneys at (303) 991-4676 or send us a note.

In September 2015, Suzie Tiftickjian joined, LLC as Special Counsel. Her practice continues to emphasize estate planning and administration.

Denver estate planning attorney Suzanna Tiftickjian has been practicing law since 1999. Ms. Tiftickjian became interested in estate planning at age 22 when her own mother suddenly died and she had to serve as executor for the estate. As a result, Ms. Tiftickjian has a first-hand understanding of how overwhelming probate can be. She knows how difficult it can be, for example, to sell the family home and hold an estate sale.

Ms. Tiftickjian began her estate planning practice 15 years ago drafting simple wills and advance directives as a student lawyer in the Notre Dame Legal Aid Clinic. During her clinical training, Ms. Tiftickjian learned to counsel clients with sensitivity regarding difficult end-of-life questions. In the classroom, Ms. Tiftickjian studied tax law and learned sophisticated planning techniques. Before starting her own firm, Ms. Tiftickjian practiced for nearly ten years with large Colorado firms.

Ms. Tiftickjian is active in the Trust and Estate Section of the Colorado Bar Association, where she serves on the Uniform Probate Code subcommittee and the statutory revisions committee. Through her involvement in these committees, Ms. Tiftickjian is active in shaping new developments in Colorado estate planning and probate law. Ms. Tiftickjian is a member of the Women’s Estate Planning Council and the Rocky Mountain Estate Planning Council. Ms. Tiftickjian has also been consistently listed in Colorado Super Lawyers, an honor reserved for less than 2.5% of attorneys in Colorado.

In her free time, Ms. Tiftickjian loves to spend time with her family. She is also an accomplished long distance runner and has completed fourteen marathons, including Boston, New York City and Chicago. The daughter of first-generation immigrants, an Indonesian father and a German mother, Ms. Tiftickjian is proficient in German.

1995, B.A., Program of Liberal Studies, University of Notre Dame

1999, J.D., Notre Dame Law School

To discuss your legacy goals, call our Denver estate planning and probate attorneys at (303) 991-4676 or send us a note.

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Estate Planning
Estate planning is the legal process for documenting your legacy. By taking the time to meet with a Denver estate planning attorney now and define your personal and financial planning goals, you can make sure that your assets pass to your loved ones most efficiently. Click here to learn more about our Estate Planning Services.

Estate & Trust Administration
Estate administration is commonly known as “probate.” Probate is the legal process of taking inventory of the person’s assets and liabilities, paying off debts, and distributing assets/property according to the person’s will. A good Denver probate attorney can guide you through the process and help counsel you through this difficult time with sensitivity and understanding. Click this link to learn more about our Estate & Trust Administration Services.

Medical Treatment Decisions & Living Wills
Advance directives are legal documents which let you communicate your decisions about end-of-life care ahead of time. Making these decisions while you are healthy can save your family from significant heartache and conflict. Click this link to learn more about how our Denver estate planning attorney can help with Medical Treatment Decisions and Living Wills.

Estate Planning for Non-Traditional Families
Although the law is rapidly evolving, non-traditional families must unfortunately still take extra care to ensure that they are their families and assets are protected. Click here to find out how our Denver estate planning attorney can help you provide in a private and thoughtful way for the orderly succession of ownership of your property and for the care and support of your children.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
Sharing finances is one of the practical parts of marriage. Clients often want to define separate and marital property rights in order to protect children from a first marriage, or where one spouse enters into the marriage with significantly more assets than the other. Click here to learn more about our Marital Agreement Services.

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