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Fullerton Divorce & Family Law

OVER 33 YEARS OF EXPERIENCEBorn in St. Charles, Illinois, Attorney William A. Hinz graduated from Adams State College in Alamosa, Colorado, before moving to Southern California. Mr. Hinz earned his Juris Doctorate from Western State University in Fullerton, California, and has been practicing law in Southern California and Orange County since 1981.Fullerton family law attorney William A. Hinz was admitted to practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit and the U.S. District Court, Central District of California, in 1982. He was admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1985.The Law Office of William A. Hinz, APC is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality legal representation. Attorney Hinz has a reputation for excellence in the field of family law. He is a highly experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive advocate, dedicated to protecting his clients’ rights.

EXPERT REPRESENTATION BY A DIVORCE ATTORNEYThe road to divorce is an arduous path to navigate. It is a lengthy path that can take several months to several years to complete. This route also has steep financial hills to overcome and sudden twists and turns that you would never expect. So yes, divorce is difficult. But you know you will make it through. The real question is will you make it through effectively? Or, in other words, will you pave through triumphantly or be dragged through the mud? Such winding paths are difficult to walk alone, and having a divorce attorney to provide a hand can provide great relief.From negotiating how assets will be divided to arguing over child custody, you will be in a constant state of high stress.

What forms do you need to turn in? When are you asking for too little or too much? How can you quicken this whole process? Having the legal guidance of a divorce attorney in Fullerton can give you the opportunity to choose how you want your divorce to proceed, where and how much you want to compromise, as well as remain protected from other third parties, whether former spouse or their attorney, from taking advantage of you.At the Law Office of William A. Hinz, APC, Mr. Hinz will not only give excellent legal guidance but will also be your legal strategist by providing compassionate counseling and expert representation in Fullerton.

GET LEGAL HELP FROM THE TRUSTED SPOUSAL SUPPORT ATTORNEYSpousal support can be a divorcee’s only lifeline after the divorce has been finalized. Prior to divorce, it is common for one of the spouses to contribute to the family in ways other than a paycheck – such as by taking care of children or other ventures that make them unable to seek full-time employment. Such a disparity in income produces numerous issues during the divorce process as well as afterward. Especially if the spouse has not been working for decades or does not have an education that would generate the income that they would need to be independent, it is important for them to receive spousal support.Spousal support, in a way, is another chance to start anew.

Depending on the parameters of the spousal support, you will have time to find the job that you need or to go back to school. If you are receiving support because you are permanently disabled, then it is a chance for you to focus on yourself as opposed to worrying about expenses. Sometimes, there are hurdles in life that make it difficult to know how much support you will need exactly. What if the rent is being raised or cost of utilities was more than you anticipated? With a spousal support attorney, you have the chance to go to court to have the spousal support raised or extended based on your needs. In this respect, hiring a spousal support attorney in Fullerton may be just what you need to give yourself a better chance at a brighter future.

CHILD SUPPORT LAWYER FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILYChild support are payments that ensure that a couple’s child feels financially secure after the divorce. In order to compensate for one child living predominantly with another parent, or if there is income disparity in being able to take care of the children, child support provides a way for one parent to provide funds so that children are financially supported no matter what household they live in. Noncustodial parents may feel anger towards their spouses or feel that they don’t need the money, and thus choose not to pay child support.This creates a toxic situation for both parties where one parent struggles to take care of their children while, if the children learn about the lack of child support, the other parent becomes alienated by their own children. With a child support lawyer in Brea, you will be guided on what needs to happen in order to receive child support once again. Instead of letting the lack of child support create emotional hardship within your family, a child support lawyer can provide the tools needed to create a better situation for you and your family.

GET LEGAL GUIDANCE FROM A TOP-RATED ALIMONY ATTORNEYContinuously paying alimony to your former spouse can be difficult to maintain over a lengthy period of time, especially if you have been experiencing unexpected financial drawbacks that have you concerned about your financial future.Alimony, or the court ordered financial support to your former spouse during and after the divorce, gives many former spouses who previously did not have an occupation or equitable paying occupation the ability to receive support. For many receiving such support in Fullerton, it can come as a relief by helping them pay their bills after the divorce. However, there comes a time where the alimony payments are no longer sustainable. In situations such as those, you need the aid of an experienced alimony attorney in Fullerton. At the Law Office of William A. Hinz, APC, we understand the financial repercussions of a divorce. With a passion for fighting for your rights, our alimony attorney can provide legal guidance to potentially change your current legal situation.

REACHING OUT TO A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ATTORNEYWhat is domestic violence? According to California law, domestic violence is when an individual’s willful actions contribute to a “corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition” suffered by a person with whom the individual has one of the familial or intimate relationships specified by the domestic violence laws of California. The California Penal Code specifies these relationships by stating that domestic violence can occur between spouses, former spouses, romantic partners, former romantic partners, parents, individuals who lived in the home or had lived in the home at one point in time. What this means is that victims of domestic violence in Fullerton as well as across the United States suffer abuse inflicted by someone very close to them in their lives.According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 10 million Americans are estimated to suffer behind closed doors every day because of domestic violence. Despite the fact 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men experience violence with an intimate partner in their lifetime, domestic violence leaves victims isolated and feeling that they are the only ones experiencing this problem.If you or a loved one are experiencing domestic violence, reaching out to a domestic violence attorney can be one of the best decisions that you make in your lifetime. Domestic violence attorneys in Fullerton, such as attorney William A. Hinz, are compassionate to their clients while also using their years of experience to provide protection that allows victims to have a fresh start at life.

GET THE RIGHT REPRESENTATION FOR YOUR CHILD CUSTODY DISPUTEDivorcing parents often dispute over the type of child custody that they will proceed with after the divorce. Usually, parents want to have more custody of the children in order to be more involved in their lives. And with the emotional turmoil that accompanies any divorce, negotiating child custody can be one of the more difficult topics when trying to settle a divorce in Fullerton.However, nowadays, courts will often award joint custody to both parents. With the rationale being that that is what’s best for the children – to have equal access to both parents. If this is not the type of situation that would be best for you and your children, a child custody attorney can give you the legal guidance you need in order to seek more time. With child custody, the key is to remember that the right representation combined with showing how this will positively affect your children is the best way to ensure that you and your children get the child custody you both want. In hiring a child custody attorney in Fullerton, child custody will no longer be the strenuous part of the divorce process but something to look forward to once the divorce is finalized.

FIGHTING FOR YOUR VISITATION RIGHTSParents have a right to spend time with their children. Except in cases of abuse or otherwise, having both parents involved in the child’s life contributes to a holistically happier child.It would seem that when a divorce occurs and one of the spouses is afforded sole or a majority of the physical custody in Fullerton, the other parent can no longer be a part of their children’s lives. This could not be further away from the truth. When the negotiations or court rulings determine that one parent will have a majority of the physical custody of the child, then the courts allow for the schedule where the other parent will be allotted specific times every week to see their children.Although this would work in a theoretical sense, it is common enough for the custodial parent to deny these visitations out of spite. Other times it is simply because they disagree with the visitation schedule. Either way, it is not an excuse that the courts will accept. Your visitation rights need to be acknowledged and adhered to. With a visitation rights attorney in Fullerton by your side, you can have your visitation rights honored.

CRIMINAL LAWBeing convicted of a felony or misdemeanor can have damaging consequences. Depending on the severity of the crime, you can potentially spend years in jail with little hope of probation, or end up paying massive fines. These convictions will also remain permanently on your criminal record. As a result, you will experience harsh judgement and it will impact both your career and your personal life.Whether you made one mistake or were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, the prosecutor will strive for a conviction that will inevitably disrupt your life it. A criminal law attorney is the best resource that you have when you have been charged of a crime. They can carefully comb through the case and let you know what options you have and what strategies can be used. With a criminal defense lawyer in Fullerton, you can have a chance at overcoming the accusations brought against you and pave the way to a better future.

AFFORDABLE DUI DEFENSEIt is an understatement to say that being charged and convicted of a DUI, Driving while Under the Influence, is expensive. From the moment that the police officer pulls you over, you will constantly be burdened with hefty financial penalties. Penalties that can burn your wallet as well as break your bank. Without the financial aid of family and friends, which cannot always be expected in these types of situations, paying these penalties will place pressure on other financial aspects of your life. However, many fail to recognize that DUIs are expensive in other ways. A DUI will cost you time, employment opportunities, traveling costs, and so much more.With the legal guidance of an affordable DUI defense, you can have the tools needed to reduce penalties of a DUI or potentially avoid a conviction altogether. A seasoned DUI attorney, such as our William A. Hinz at Fullerton Family Law, must have years of experience in order to effectively strategize on how to confront your DUI charge. Although there is no one size fits all strategy to avoid a DUI conviction, attorneys can take the details of your case and focus on specific aspects that will weaken the claims against you. With an affordable DUI defense in Fullerton, you have the power to avoid the expensive consequences of a DUI.FAMILY LAWYER:Family law, from divorce to child visitation, is an area of law that involves family matters and domestic relations. Family law can also include child support, adoptions, legal and physical child custody, division of asset between former spouses, grandparent custody or grandparent’s visitations issues, and much more. Although all these issues fall under the umbrella of law known as family law, each law is complex in its own way and requires the legal knowhow of a family lawyer in order to adequately approach the family law issue.

At the Law Office of William A. Hinz we understand that family issues are delicate because they can potentially threaten the bonds that hold a family together. In this particular area of law, attorneys must take a different approach. Not only must they protect their clients’ interests through strategy, knowledge, and aggression in the courtroom; they must also be compassionate and offer a tailored approach to accommodate each family’s needs.The Law Office of William A. Hinz, APC is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality legal representation. Attorney Hinz is a family lawyer in Fullerton that has a reputation for excellence. He is a highly experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive advocate, dedicated to protecting his clients’ rights

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