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Birmingham Divorce Attorney

Going through divorce and other family law matters can be some of the most emotionally draining legal processes you may ever experience. Family law issues are personal, complex, and incredibly sensitive, which is why it is essential to work with a compassionate, reliable, and skilled attorney. At my firm, the Law Office of Zach Horsley, LLC, I am devoted to helping clients find effective and practical solutions to their family law matters in a timely manner so they can move forward with their lives.

I am a solo practitioner 
I previously worked at a Public Defender's office 
I have handled numerous bench and jury trials for criminal and family law matters 
I have plenty of experience with appellate work 
I handle court hearings on a daily basis 
I am a member of the Birmingham Bar Association 
I am a member of the Jefferson County Family Court Association 
I am a certified Guardian Ad-Litem

Due to my past experience working at a Public Defender's office, I possess the ability to take on even the most complex cases. Divorce can be a messy process, and I am prepared to fight for my clients in trial, if necessary. If the marriage can be dissolved through negotiation, I am also prepared to assist.

As seen above, I am knowledgeable about court proceedings and I am very comfortable with courtroom politics. As a hands-on lawyer, I recognize that the individuals I work with are going through a difficult time in their lives. I make sure each and every client is provided with compassion, honesty, and respect from the moment their case begins and throughout all proceedings. No two clients are going through the same situation, which is why I ensure each client gets the individualized attention and time they deserve.

Areas I can assist you with include:

Child custody
Child support
Domestic violence
Protective orders
Enforcement of orders
Paternity representation
If your situation can be resolved amicably, or it calls for litigation in court, I will do everything in my power to make sure your rights and well-being are protected. Your case will not be handed off to an assistant or paralegal. Rather, you will work directly with me from start to finish. I understand that you are going through a trying time in your life, and I am prepared to provide you with the effective legal guidance you deserve.

When you are going through divorce or another family dispute, it is crucial to ensure the attorney you are working with is one you can trust. At the Law Office of Zach Horsley, LLC, I am devoted to helping individuals and families come up with practical and effective solutions for all of their family law matters-no matter how complex the situation may be. As a solo practitioner, I recognize how important it is to work directly with my clients, rather than having their cases handed off to an assistant or paralegal.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Auburn University in 2002, where I majored in International Business and minored in Political Science. In 2005, I received my Juris doctor degree from the Appalachian School of Law. I am a member of the Birmingham Bar Association, as well as the Jefferson County Family Court Association.

As your committed family law attorney, I can offer you exceptional representation because:

I genuinely care about protecting the well-being and interests of my clients
I have previous worked at the Pikeville, KY Public Defender's office
I am not afraid to fight for a client if their situation must be resolved in court
I have almost a decade of legal experience
I come up with customized solutions that are tailored to fit my clients' unique needs
From my experience working at the public defender's office, I am equipped to provide my clients with tough representation if their situation must be settled in trial. I have nearly ten years of experience in the legal field, during which I have handled numerous bench and jury trials involving both criminal and family law. I have also handled numerous courtroom proceedings, including depositions representing businesses in civil defense matters and appellate work. Because I handle court hearings on a daily basis, I am always ready to represent you in front of a judge.

In the state of Alabama, a Guardian Ad-Litem is a licensed attorney who has been appointed by the courts to specifically represent or defend children and minors. The court-appointed Guardian Ad-Litem will then represent the child in any action to which the child may be affected. It will be the duty and responsibility of the Guardian Ad-Litem to represent the child's rights, interests, well-being, and welfare during any judicial proceeding.

As a Certified Guardian Ad-Litem, I have endured a rigorous state Certification Program, which included:

State Bar-approved 6-hour initial certification course
Additional hours of continued education courses on Guardian Ad-Litem-related issues
I am a Certified Guardian Ad-Litem and can provide exceptional legal representation that your family deserves. I understand the sensitive and often emotional nature of cases involving the rights and interests of young children, especially pertaining to domestic violence, abuse, adoptions, and other child custody and support issues. With my knowledge, experience, and qualifications, I can back your family with well-rounded legal counsel that has been tailored to protect every member of your family.

I am proud to offer potential clients a free case evaluation, during which I can get to know them and their situation. I understand that the individuals I work with are typically going through tough times, which is why I make sure each client is provided with personalized attention and effective guidance.

If you would like to find out more about my family law representation, do not hesitate to give my firm a call today!

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