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Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney in Houston, TX

If you’re in need of legal representation in Houston, TX, no attorney will work harder for you than Ben Dominguez. With decades of experience in Texas law, Attorney Dominguez has built a diverse team of passionate lawyers who will work tirelessly towards the result you deserve. While there are numerous lawyers available, no one has the resources and work ethic of Ben Dominguez. Trust us to fight for a positive verdict in your case.

When you need personal guidance to protect your legal rights, it is critical that you have representation from a lawyer with the experience, insight, and work ethic to help you reach your desired outcome. Ben Dominguez Law Firm is located in Houston a few blocks from the Courthouse.

The past 20 years Mr. Dominguez has successfully litigated high-profile cases resulting in damages paid to his clients and obtained not guilty verdicts and dismissals on behalf of his clients facing criminal charges.

Mr. Dominguez has appeared in front of the Texas House and Senate Committees to speak about pending legislation, was a guest on the Texas House Floor for the Governor’s State of the State Address, written the script for a TV commercial for the winning gubernatorial candidate in a governor’s race. Mr. Dominguez has also appeared in industrial commercials filmed in NASA for presentation to the United States Congress.

Mr. Dominguez has appeared twice on The Bill O’Reilly Show, been quoted in The Houston Chronicle numerous times, the Austin Statesman, and has been a guest on the Michael Berry Radio Show. Early in his career, Mr. Dominguez served on the United States Senate Hispanic task force. Throughout his career, he has been active in a variety of judicial races and won his party’s primary for the Texas State House in 1998.

He believes his success is due to his work ethic and belief that one on one representation is the key to a winning legal strategy. Mr. Dominguez appreciates and understands that treating all walks of life with the same respect and taking the time to know his clients allows for a better understanding of the client’s anxiety in dealing with legal issues.

As a Houston native and fluent speaker in both English and Arabic, John Kantarjian has been dedicated to representing and guiding our community through his qualified, civil work. When he was young, John attended Strake Jesuit College Preparatory where his education centralized around “being a man for others.”

After high school, John spent six years in New York City where he completed his undergrad at Fordham University and began working in finance. In 2007, John moved back home to attend the University of Houston where he earned his Master of Business Administration degree.

Shortly after receiving his MBA, John began working for a small healthcare practice. He developed an understanding of the law and legal system and soon realized this was the best way he could help our community.

John returned to the University of Houston to attend law school and became devoted to the world of legislation. Today, he works here at the Ben Dominguez Law Firm and continues to promote his core values, instilled in him as a young adult, by spending his career advocating on behalf of injured people.

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