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Immigration Lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area

Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law
Immigration Lawyer San Francisco Bay Area
Based in Petaluma, California, at the Law Offices of Daniel E. Chavez, we have over 30 years of experience handling immigration matters for individuals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Attorney Daniel E. Chavez is board-certified in immigration and nationality law by the state of California, the only lawyer in Sonoma County to have that designation. We understand that the immigration laws are complex and often confusing and work hard to stay current of all developments in the law, so that we can provide clients with the highest level of service.

We focus our practice on immigration matters, handling issues involving:
Family-based immigration. We help individuals who seek visas, green cards or citizenship based on family relationships. We handle cases involving spouses, siblings, parents or children. We prepare all the documents required during the process and act as your advocate in all hearings or proceedings.
Removal/deportation defense. We protect the rights of people who face removal or deportation, whether you have never received a green card or you face difficulty keeping your green card. We handle cases where green card status is jeopardized by the commission of a crime or a determination that a marriage was fake.
Immigration appeals. We handle all matters related to the federal appellate review of immigration matters, including motions for reconsideration of deportation or removal.
Temporary visas. We can help you if you wish to enter the U.S. for a temporary period of time for a specific purpose - work, schooling, a conference, etc., or to visit the country, friends or family.
Diversity visa lottery.  We assist in electronically filing your forms so that can apply to the Diversity Lottery (DV) Program to receive a visa allowing you to live and work permanently in the United States. The program randomly selects applications, granting 55,000 immigrant visas each year to people from countries that have low rates of immigration to the United States. 
We have extensive experience working with families with special needs children, as well as individuals who have been victims of crime, in the United States or in their home country. Our law firm works hard to provide immigration protection to victims of rape, torture, domestic violence, female genital mutilation, or human trafficking, as well as those who face serious danger because of cooperation in prosecuting crimes or terrorist activities. We also handle political asylum proceedings and more.

Contact Petaluma Immigration and Visa Attorney Daniel E. Chavez
Contact us or call us at (707) 775-4531 to schedule an appointment with an experienced San Francisco Bay Area immigration lawyer. Our law firm office is open weekdays from 9 am until 5 pm. Evening and weekend consultations are available upon request. We are located in Petaluma, California, and serve clients with immigration legal matters throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California.

We have provided immigration assistance to clients from all over the world, from the Middle East to Africa, from Indonesia to Russia, Mexico and Central America. We focus our immigration practice on family-based matters, non-immigrant visas, removal defense and immigration appeals at all levels, referring out all issues related to employment-based immigration. We also handle asylum issues, naturalization applications, waivers and appeals.

With every client, we work hard to get to know you, so that we can understand the unique aspects of your situation and develop a plan to help you accomplish your specific goals. We will take the time to learn where you came from, how and when you came into the United States, whether you have family here, and if your children have any special needs. In many instances, based on your individual circumstances, you may have an asylum claim or rights under laws protecting victims of crime.
Our goal, with every client, is to help you find a way to stay in the United States or to bring your loved ones to the U.S. to join you. We are sympathetic to your concerns and strive to provide counsel that is sincere, affordable and trustworthy. Our Sonoma County immigration law firm serves clients throughout Northern California.

Our Practice
We focus our immigration practice on matters involving:

Non-immigrant based visas.  We help visitors to the United States - tourists, temporary workers, students and others - apply for temporary visas so they can remain in the U.S. for a limited amount of time.
Family-based immigration. We help people who seek visas, green cards or citizenship, whether as spouses, siblings, parents or children of U.S. citizens.
Removal/deportation defense. We will help you fight removal proceedings, whether you have never received a green card or you face problems keeping your green card.
Motions to re-open.If your circumstances have changed or you were poorly represented by your last attorney, we may be able to file a motion to reopen your case.
Immigration appeals. We represent individuals whose immigration applications have been denied or who want to appeal an immigration decision of any kind.
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To schedule an appointment with experienced Immigration Attorney Daniel E. Chavez, contact us or call us at (707) 775-4531. We are conveniently located in historic downtown Petaluma, California.

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