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DUI Lawyer & Criminal Defense Attorney Cincinnati, OH

Nicholas “Nick”  Klingensmith is a Cincinnati DUI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney. Before becoming a a DUI Attorney, Nick was a prosecutor for the City of Cincinnati. As a prosecutor Nick handled a large caseload and tried hundreds of cases, argued countless motions and negotiated pleas. He also argued numerous times on behalf of the State of Ohio and City of Cincinnati before the First District Court of Appeals.

Nick uses his background and experience as a prosecutor to help his clients navigate the courts and provide a comprehensive defense.  Nick has practiced in just about every court in Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio.  He has dealt with and negotiated with just about every prosecutor in Southwest Ohio.

Before Nick became a prosecutor he served as a Law Clerk and Constable for the Honorable Judge Melba D. Marsh. Prior to clerking for a Judge, Nick worked as a clerk for Katz Teller Brandt & Hild.

Nick attended law school at the Salmon P. Chase College of Law and graduated Cum Laude, finishing 12th in his class. Nick received his Bachelor Degree from the University of Cincinnati and is a graduate of Elder High School.  Nick currently resides in Hamilton County.

Nicholas Klingensmith has been rated Superb by AVVO with a perfect 10.0 rating, has been named a Top 100 Trial Lawyer and named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers.

If you have been charged with a DUI or other Criminal Offense Contact Attorney Nicholas Klingensmith today.


DUI and OVI Penalties
Not all DUI’s or OVI’s are the same.  Depending on how high you blow, whether you blow or the number of prior DUI or OVI’s convictions you have, the penalties you face can differ greatly.  Do not be blindsided by mandatory jail time and penalties contact DUI Lawyer Nick Klingensmith today.

How much jail time can i get?
Generally if it is your first or second DUI you are facing up to 180 days in jail.  If you have more than 2 prior DUI’s you may face a year or more depending on the number of prior DUI or OVI convictions on your record.

Is there mandatory jail time?
Yes, DUI’s and OVI’s both carry mandatory jail time, or time in a driver’s intervention program.  DUI’s or as they are called in Ohio, OVI’s, carry mandatory minimum penalties.  This means if you are convicted, the penalties are mandatory with some exceptions.  However, if it is your first offense, or if the OVI is reduced, instead of spending three days in jail you may serve your three days in what is called a Driver’s Intervention Program.  A Driver’s Intervention Program is typically a three day course which takes place at a hotel.  It is similar to a seminar, you listen to speakers, watch movies and interact in small groups.

Depending on the circumstances and your criminal record, this time can vary.  This is why it is important to be represented when charged with a DUI or OVI.

Are there other penalties
Yes, DUI’s and OVI’s both can carry drivers license suspensions, restrictive plates, probation, immobilization and other consequences.  Depending on the circumstances and your criminal record, this can vary.

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