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Rancho Cucamonga Criminal Defense Attorney

Looking for a criminal defense lawyer in the San Bernardino area? We here at The Law Offices of Tarman & Shamuilian understand that being pressed with criminal charges is one of the most frightening experiences you have ever been through. The process of facing such charges can be hard for individuals who don’t have a working grasp of state law or who are overwhelmed by the whole situation. Now more than ever, you need someone who cares—someone who will listen to your story and fight for your best interests.

This is what we do. With over 27 years of combined experience, we are a Rancho Cucamonga criminal defense law firm you can trust. We know you need someone who is a rock you can lean upon, and we can be your advocate and friend if you’ll let us. Our skilled criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to the livelihood of our clients have achieved successful results for families across California.

We understand that DUI charges not only impact you personally, but also impact your job and your family. We want to pursue a dismissal or reduction of these allegations for you. If you are facing multiple DUI or underage DUI, we know that this is a scary and unpredictable time. We can answer any questions you have, whether they involve DUI of drugs, DUI with injury, or even vehicular manslaughter charges.

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