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Columbia, South Carolina Injury Lawyers

How may we help you?

This is the first question you hear when you call our South Carolina based accident and injury law firm, and it is the foundation that guides everything we do.

Our attorneys and staff understand that meeting your needs is job #1. When we accept your injury, negligence or car accident case, our auto accident and injury attorneys work with you to achieve a legal conclusion that is in your best interest. You will find we are proactive in anticipating your needs, but we want you to tell us about any needs or expectations you have that we may not know about.

Being a good injury lawyer is not only about quality work, it is about good relationships. We take great pride in knowing we helped you. So, throughout your case you will continue to hear your legal team ask, "How May We Help You?" Please let us know! Feel free to ask questions on our website or give us a call.

Carl L. Solomon had a vision of leading a law firm that was known for its extraordinary client approach and exceptional delivery  of legal services. He believed that with the right lawyers and the right staff, the client would receive the type of representation he or she deserved. He believed the firm should not only help the client, but also provide a way to give back to the community.

To meet these goals, Carl helped create a well-run and respected law firm that is rooted strongly in values, engages in best business practices, and provides delivery of exceptional legal work product in the field of injury law. The Solomon Law Group provides legal assistance to all citizens of South Carolina in personal injury, car accident, truck accident, product liability, negligence and other cases. To fulfill this vision he hires people that share his values, drive and compassion.

The lawyers have a wealth of experience and expertise both in and out of the courtroom. Their reputation for handling injury cases is well known. Carl is frequently hired by other attorneys to offer his experience as a litigator to overcome liability or injury issues and seek a fair and reasonable verdict in their cases. His expertise handling complex cases provides his clients with the security of having a proven litigator as their advocate.

Carl also believes that in order for justice to be obtained on behalf of those injured or wronged by others, lawyers must continually hone their skills to improve their ability to serve their clients. The firm consistently pursues opportunities to develop professionally. In addition, works diligently with local, state and national organizations to teach attorneys and improve the quality of the legal services provided. Carl has provided educational training for other lawyers in South Carolina and has been featured nationally from New York to Maui. Carl is a member of the South Carolina State Bar and began serving as its President in May, 2010.

We believe in our clients and we work to understand your situation. We understand your rights, which we have written about here, and we are dedicated to delivering a quality work product and couple our work with compassion and respect for you, our client. This provides you the comfort and security of knowing that underneath everything that we do is a philosophy of client service that supports you throughout your case.

Giving Back: Solomon Community Group

In order to make good on Carl’s commitment to the people of South Carolina, he and his father, James L. Solomon, Jr., founded The Solomon Community Group. The Solomon Community Group provides donations to charities and provides inspiration, education and support to the youth of our state through several endeavors. 100% of all administrative costs for Solomon Community Group are funded by Carl Solomon and his firm. This allows all donated funds to be used directly to help others through programs and events.

In choosing Carl Solomon and the Solomon Law Group, you choose a firm which values, compassion, respect for those they serve, respect for coworkers, exceptional commitment to the clients' cause, and high ethics in every day matters You choose a legal team that will not only help you achieve justice, but will treat you right every step of the way.

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