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Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Jackson, Wyoming

We are a different kind of law firm. We only do one thing -- fight for people -- and we do it well. We are trial lawyers driven by a passion for justice. Our award-winning Wyoming personal injury and wrongful death attorneys have won over a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements across the country, taking on big corporations, insurance companies, and the government. When you are hurt or suffering because of a catastrophic injury or loss, or when the stakes are too high for most lawyers, we are here for you.

We work out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but we go where we are needed. We have multi-million dollar record-setting verdicts and settlements in personal injury and wrongful death cases all over the country. We have been the go-to trial firm for people everywhere for over fifty years. Other lawyers hire us to assist in trials because of our resources and expertise in complex and difficult cases, or when they are up against a powerful defendant. And we're here for you: no case is too big, or too small--we will help anywhere that we are confident we can make a difference. If you have been seriously hurt or have had a loved one die in an accident, the Wyoming Personal Injury Attorneys at The Spence Law Firm are here to help.

Recently, Attorney Gerry Spence hosted a TEDx Talk focused on Fighting for the People. Gerry shares the story of how he came to realize that standing up for ordinary people—and the justice they deserve—was more important than anything. He details his transition from defending rich, powerful corporations to fighting on behalf of normal, everyday individuals who, through no fault of their own, have had their lives and their futures forever altered. Gerry discusses the pivotal moment that led him to change the trajectory of his career, a move that would ultimately lead him to becoming known as “the people’s lawyer.” Watch Gerry’s recent TEDx JacksonHole Talk to learn how The Spence Law Firm became a firm dedicated to fighting for justice on behalf of those who need it most.

Our team of trial lawyers understand how overwhelming an unexpected accident can be. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed, you may not fully understand your legal options or know where to begin. At The Spence Law Firm, we constantly remind our clients that we will take care of them. Our attorneys have extensive experience navigating the legal process and we’re prepared to handle every aspect of your case, start to finish. The only thing you need to focus on is your healing. When you trust your case to our firm, you will have a team of legal professionals doing everything possible to secure an optimal outcome for your situation. We are here to provide you with sound legal counsel and compassionate advice.

At The Spence Law Firm, our trained and experienced trial lawyers believe that no one should have to suffer the consequences of another person’s negligence on their own. Our firm is dedicated to seeking justice on your behalf, striving to recover the fair compensation you and your family are owed and working to ensure that others are protected from similar accidents in the future. We aim to hold responsible parties accountable when their carelessness or recklessness results in an accident that leaves you injured. If you or a loved one was involved in a recent accident—whether a motor vehicle accident, workplace incident, or products liability case—our Wyoming based personal injury firm is prepared to fight for your rights. We have helped individuals dealing with catastrophic injuries, burns and birth injuries, and have even assisted the families of those killed in wrongful death cases. No matter how complex your situation or where you are in the nation, The Spence Law Firm is here to provide you with the dedicated representation you need and the compassionate legal guidance you deserve.

We understand that dealing with an unexpected injury or the sudden death of a loved one can be incredibly overwhelming. You may be facing mounting medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and other damages that make returning to your everyday life difficult. At The Spence Law Firm, we strive to provide compassionate assistance that’s tailored to every client’s unique situation. We have helped numerous individuals across the nation, going wherever we feel justice is needed.

When you trust your case to our experienced attorneys, you can rely on:

Exceptional representation built on individual attention
A team of distinguished, award-winning legal professionals
Open communication, accessibility, and answers to your questions
Thorough, detailed preparation for hearings and/or trial
Free consultations and contingency fee-based services

Built on the legacy of our founder, Gerry Spence, our firm is committed to fighting for you and your loved ones. We understand that attempting to navigate the legal process can be overwhelming—instead, let our team of Wyoming personal injury lawyers handle every aspect of your case so you can focus on getting the treatment you need for your wellbeing.


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