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Chicago, Illinois Employment Attorney

Finding a path through any difficult situation is hard. Whether considering an employment or severance agreement or battling discrimination or retaliation, as an employee you have rights. As a manager, you have obligations because in many situations you can be personally liable. Either way, you have options.

Bryan Wood, lead attorney at The Wood Law Office, LLC is a Chicago employment attorney who concentrates in helping protect employees’ civil rights by ensuring employees and managers understand their rights, obligations and options.

Years of experience representing employers – including municipalities, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies – allows for unique insight into legal issues employees and employers face.

And years of experience representing employees in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and court proceedings – including class actions – allows for dependable, dedicated and determined representation in all Chicago employment law matters.

Whether you’re worried that you’re being asked to do something illegal, trying to survive an unanticipated job change, negotiating an agreement or seeking to press your claims to the fullest, you should know your rights. If you are manager, you should know your obligations – because in many situations you can be individually liable for what happens at work. Either way, you should know your options and Bryan is the Chicago employment attorney to assist you.

Types Of Employment Law Issues
The Wood Law Office, LLC represents employees in the following types of matters:

Discrimination with respect to hiring, pay, promotion, termination or other employment opportunities.
Discrimination based on race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion, disability, family rights and responsibilities, military status, sexual orientation or other protected status.
Harassment or hostile environment.
Retaliation, whistle-blowing and wrongful termination.
Wages, overtime, vacation and improper withholdings.
Employment agreements, severance agreements and compensation agreements.
Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements.
The Wood Law Office, LLC helps managers understand when they can be personally liable for employment issues they may face at work and advises them how to uphold the law while protecting their careers.

The Wood Law Office, LLC also represents employers in conducting policy reviews, anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training, counseling and workplace investigations.

Contact our office today to better understand your options.

J. Bryan Wood:  Dependable. Dedicated. Determined.
Bryan has practiced employment law in Chicago his entire career, representing predominantly employees for over half that time. He has helped employees successfully transition jobs and recover for their losses without ever filing legal claims. He also has helped employees win multi-million dollar verdicts and awards after litigating vigorously as part of a team of attorneys. And he has helped companies comply with employment laws and defended wrongful termination actions.

Experience Overview
Bryan has spent his entire career practicing employment law – but the roots run deeper. He quit his first grocery store job after being refused a raise up to minimum wage and being told he was still expected to (illegally) operate the meat grinder (he was underage). He later drafted the employee handbook at his college grocery store job – working his way up from stocker to shift supervisor. And he’s always been passionate about ensuring equality and civil rights – studying those issues extensively in college.

After law school, good lawyers at Seyfarth Shaw convinced Bryan he could help protect employees’ civil rights best as the employer’s lawyer – like they did. It made sense – if you help write the policies and help make the decisions under them, you can ensure the law is upheld and promote equality. At Seyfarth Shaw, Bryan represented employers ranging from small, privately held businesses to large, publicly traded Fortune 500 companies in various types of employment matters. But those company’s leaders weren’t exactly calling him for his thoughts on what they should be doing.

Impatient, Bryan left Seyfarth Shaw for Stowell & Friedman, Ltd. – an employment discrimination class action firm – and quickly found himself face-to-face with General Counsel at major corporations discussing systemic changes beneficial to employees AND the bottom line. He also saw how quickly executives’ careers could be ruined because they opposed illegal activities – and learned how to counsel them to protect their careers without turning a blind eye to discrimination or injustice they or others were experiencing.

After several years at Stowell & Friedman, Ltd., Bryan decided to start The Wood Law Office, LLC. There, Bryan tries to have his cake and eat it, too – he advises companies on how to uphold the law and avoid risk through smart business decisions. He helps employees protect their careers and compensation while still making positive changes and being free from discrimination and retaliation. And – when it’s the best option (or sometimes the only option), he helps his clients fight hard in litigation – for years if necessary – to try to expose injustice, inequality or illegality.

Except when he’s at home. Then he’s just trying to be a good dad, a good husband, and a good neighbor.

The Wood Law Office
Read more about The Wood Law Office or contact him if you have employment law questions.

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