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Maryland Family Attorney

My clients work with me because I understand how important it is to protect both the businesses that they are building and the legacy they want to leave to their families - and to the world.

I assist innovative entrepreneurs in planning and implementing their businesses, taking into account tax compliance, exit strategies, and other estate-planning techniques to ensure their livelihoods and families are protected.

If you work with me, you will enjoy transparent, fixed-rate pricing for non-litigation issues, secure digital file sharing, digital signatures and other  cloud technologies, and online billing.

Thienel Law provides modern legal services for today's world.

Steve Thienel has been exposed to and thrived in various cultures—academic, small business, major corporations, and law firms—while being surrounded by passionate and successful people. Steve’s sweeping professional interests and experience ensures his ability to effectively serve clients over a broad spectrum of business and personal needs.

Following a successful career teaching, consulting, and corporate management, Steve acted upon his passion to team with successful entrepreneurs because of their motivation, creativity, and contributions to the betterment of society.

Steve has focused on issues relating to owning and running a business—contracts, employee relations, real estate transactions, taxation, creditor rights, and estate planning. The ultimate compliment from Steve’s clients is they return for his legal services, time and again.

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