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Family law matters are rarely clear-cut issues. Whether you’re filing for divorce or beginning your child custody case, you might feel anxious or fearful of what’s to come. Feel secure about your legal matters by hiring Thomas Law Group, P.C. in Denver, Colorado. Attorney Thomas will guide you through this difficult phase of your life. He’ll work hard to achieve a fruitful outcome in your case by negotiating issues and coming to a settlement. If he can’t reach a positive outcome through negotiation, attorney Thomas is a seasoned litigator who is not afraid to take your case to court. He can assist you with the legal matters including Divorce, Child custody and Stepparent adoption.

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Your family law matters are in good hands with attorney Thomas of Denver, CO.

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If you’re searching for a family law attorney in Denver, CO, you want to find one who is experienced and compassionate. Contact our top family law attorney at THOMAS LAW GROUP, P.C. to know how we can assist you in resolving your legal issues.
Sergei B. Thomas started Thomas Law Group P.C. in 2016 after having worked at the Johnson Marquez Legal Group in 2014 as a senior associate. He began his legal career in 1990 as a criminal prosecutor. The prosecutorial work provided valuable court experience where Mr. Thomas tried cases to judges and juries for approximately 16 years. Mr. Thomas was known as a skilled litigator who would take on difficult cases and enjoyed success as a result of his comfort in the courtroom. While practicing as a prosecutor Mr. Thomas tried a variety of cases, including traffic, domestic violence, drug and assault and homicide cases. After being assigned to the juvenile unit that Mr. Thomas began to find a greater sense of purpose in addressing juvenile crime which often had roots in the family system and gained insight into the role of social services in the related dependency and neglect cases. 

In cases involving children, Mr. Thomas is keenly aware of the factors that allow a court to make decisions in the best interest of children and has achieved success in helping clients address resolve parenting time and grandparent visitation issues.

Mr. Thomas is a Colorado native, and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree and then attended law school at the Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, Kansas where he participated in the Student Law Clinic working on civil and family law cases. Mr. Thomas is a Member of the Colorado, Sam Carey and Adams County Bar Associations. Mr. Thomas believes it is important to give back to the community and has done so consistently throughout his legal career.

Mr. Thomas understands that in divorce or parenting time disputes, clients are often fearful and upset about their circumstances. More importantly the future is uncertain with the issues that accompany many family law cases. Asset and debt division and issues regarding children are often overwhelming for clients and often leave clients feeling anxious and uncertain about the future. In high conflict cases or cases which have significant assets, these issues can become even more troubling for clients. Mr. Thomas personally understands the frustration an attorney failing to communicate or pursue a client’s interest with determination and effort, having been through the process personally. Mr. Thomas compassionately helps clients through this difficult phase of their lives works vigorously to help clients effectively reach positive outcomes.

Mr. Thomas is committed to approaches that start with discussing clear, attainable objectives and the strategies that are particular to each case in order to do whatever possible to have those objectives met. Just as importantly, clients should have an understanding of the issues in their case and the law which governs the approach of the Courts and other professionals that may be involved in a case. Incorporating these practical considerations helps reduce feelings of worry and dread. By working closely with clients and communicating effectively about their cases, clients come away with a greater sense of calm and understanding about the legal process which is often confusing, legally technical and often lengthy.

Clients often have questions as they go through their cases and communication is critically important at every stage of the case. Mr. Thomas encourages regular communication with clients through telephone or email.. By working together with clients and staff as a team clients can be assured that a priority is placed on the concerns in their case and strategies from the outset of the case allows clients to have their goals and objectives understood and put at the forefront of the case, Mr. Thomas works tirelessly for clients in order to achieve the best outcomes. Negotiating issues is often an effective way to help clients attain the best results in cases, however, if negotiations fail, as a seasoned litigator, Mr. Thomas will skillfully fight for clients in the courtroom.

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