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Personal Injury & Commercial Litigation Law Firm in Chicago, IL

Whether it is a matter involving personal injury or commercial litigation, whether we are prosecuting or defending a case, we try to look further down the road than our adversary and often even the client. At Thomas M. Paris, Attorney and Counselor at Law, successful results require preparation, strategy, knowledge and experience. Regularly involving the client in the process permits informed decision-making and better results.

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Dedicated to the Immediate and Long Term Interests of Every Client
Our practice focuses on achieving optimal results for our clients involved in personal injury and commercial litigation. We represent individuals and families affected by slip and fall, car accidents and medical malpractice. Thomas Paris also represents business clients in pursuing and defending their interests through commercial litigation. Some cases have to run their course before the parties or insurance company understand the likely outcome of a case. Others, when properly analyzed, can be resolved via settlement.

We offer clients all the following:

Experienced, strategic advocacy
Personalized, dedicated service
Commitment to excellence and results
Extensive Experience in Advocacy Before a Jury
Juries are unpredictable, which can serve to benefit or injure a client. Sometimes juries understand the full nature of damages in a way that a stubborn or cheap insurance company does not and other times they arrive at conclusions which surprise the litigants as well the court. Whenever possible, we explore settlement opportunities to achieve optimal results for a client before facing a jury; however, we are prepared to take any case to trial.

Dedicated Service, Personal Attention and Accessibility
Our office is located two blocks from the state court, and one block from the federal court. At every stage, we will remain available to address any questions or concerns that you may have. When a matter calls for it, we involve co-counsel who may have more experience with the venue or legal issues at hand.

Contact us by calling 312-759-1600 to schedule a free consultation or to speak directly with an experienced lawyer serving Chicago, Illinois.

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