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Family Law, Personal Injury, Criminal Law and Civil Litigation Attorneys in Ohio

Choose supportive and knowledgeable legal representation for your family situation.

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Let us help you combat your criminal charges head on and defend your legal rights.
If you have been treated unfairly, “we will fight to make it right”.
Dedicated to serving clients throughout Northeast Ohio in complex divorce and custody litigation since 1987. – Thomas T. Mullen.

Legal matters are not always convenient but that doesn't mean your representation can't be.

Let us help you navigate the emotional details of family legal situations.

Look to us to hold others accountable for the actions or negligence that have affected you.

Stand up against your criminal charges and protect your interests.

You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for reliable legal services.

Your family legal situations are delicate, and you want to know that the legal representation you choose not only cares about you and the outcome of your case but has the experience and expertise since 1987 to back you up.

Are you facing a complex legal matter involving your family?

Interstate divorce & custody

Domestic abuse and restraining orders

Domestic violence CPO(civil protective order)

Child-support, child custody and guardianships

Visitation rights

Grandparents’ rights

Property division


In short the family you take care of now is protected in the future with effective estate planning.

Putting these plans into place now gives you peace of mind that your family will not have to cope with making difficult decisions regarding your healthcare wishes or division of your estate in the future.

Your estate planning needs can include:

Wills and trusts

Probate litigation

Establishing power of attorney

Selecting executors and conservators

Establishing living wills and advance medical directives

Personal injuries caused by the actions or negligence of others are frustrating and can lead you suffering from lost wages, and diminished quality of life and uncertainty about your future.

Have you been injured and are seeking compensation?
Auto accident

Personal injury

Serious dog bites

Breach of contract consumer

Nursing home abuse and neglect

Medical malpractice

Work related injuries

Consumer products failure

Personal injuries are rarely convenient. You should not have to wait until you are capable of coming to us during regular business hours to receive guidance and legal representation in your situation.Whether your criminal charges are minor or severe, it is important to seek an aggressive defense that will present your case and the evidence against you from your perspective. If you are facing criminal charges stemming from any of the following, don't hesitate to give us a call:

White collar crimes on the federal and state level

Drunk driving


Traffic offenses including multiple speeding violations or reckless driving

Theft and robbery

Domestic violence CPO



Drug crimes

Juvenile criminal offenses

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