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Personal Injury Law Firm in McAllen, Texas

We have helped clients, like you, win MILLIONS of dollars in accident injury settlements. Humberto Tijerina is an award winning McAllen Personal Injury Attorney.  So if you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident, motorcycle crash, or have been hit by a truck or 18-wheeler CALL our Personal Injury firm to get the experienced help you need and learn some of the insurance claim secrets insurance companies don’t want you to know, so that you don’t succeed in your case.

With offices in McAllen and Brownsville, Mr. Tijerina and his team fight for client’s health and financial recovery after an injury and it’s not just work, it’s a mission to help our community. It’s a mission to make sure your are not taken advantage of by an unethical insurance agent.  We DO NOT CHARGE ANY LEGAL FEES from the client.  We are ONLY paid our legal fees if we win, directly from the settlement our Firm recovers for you. Call for a no compromise, FREE case review and find out what your rights are after an injury and how much that claim might be worth.

Top Rated McAllen Car Accident Attorney
Are you stressed out and full of anxiety because you, or a loved one, are hurt and cannot work?  We understand that after an auto accident you are likely injured and in too much pain to work.  We also know that you may also need a rental car and help in taking care of many unexpected expenses.  You likely have many questions, from “who will pay for my rental car after a car crash” to “who will pay for my medical expenses.” At our Firm, we commit to meeting with you and answering these questions and any other questions you may have during our initial consultation.  We will also provide you with critical information, such as “what are the best insurance coverages you should carry on your vehicle” and “what to do if your car was towed to an impound.”   You can count on this and more, as our Top Rated McAllen Car Accident Attorney, Humberto Tijerina, still makes the time to meet with clients as needed, one on one, to make sure questions are answered.

Mr. Tijerina is passionate about helping other people as a Personal Injury Lawyer. Mr. T has taken extensive courses to help with representing injured clients, presenting at trial and managing the legal practice.   On a different level, he has also worked to orchestrate an authentic and stress-free experience at the Tijerina Legal Group to help you focus on getting better and to stop stressing about a car crash.     With offices in McAllen and Brownsville, Humberto services all of The Rio Grande Valley.

So, if you have been recently injured in a car crash or auto accident, don’t waste time and please contact our law firm today. We have won countless awards and have obtained millions of dollars for people who have been injured in a car crash. Help is a phone call away. Dial 7 now. That is (956) 777-777 to get help after a car crash.  Remember, you win your case, or you don’t have to pay us.  It’s that simple.  So, call us, for a FREE car accident or personal injury case evaluation and also to learn the best to protect yourself or a loved one after a car crash.

What can a McAllen Car Accident Lawyer do for my injury case?
Under Texas law, drivers are supposed to have insurance coverage on their vehicles.  When you are injured in an auto accident, you assume the party at fault has insurance. Sadly, even when the person who hit you has an insurance policy, chances are the insurance company will begin to  investigate the claim, take your statement, and look for a way to tell you that your insurance claim is denied. Not only does this waste your time, but worse, the statements you provide the insurance company can completely destroy your case.  Also, if you can’t afford a doctor after a car crash, it gives you false hope that an insurance company will eventually do what’s right.   This in turn delays the medical treatment you need, and gives the insurance agency and opportunity to refute or argue against your injuries and your car crash claim.

Remember, insurance companies are a type of financial institution. They take the money they receive from monthly premium payments and reinvest that money. That is how insurance companies make billions of dollars a year. You may not think about this, but the truth is that they don’t make money by paying out injury claims. So, if you think that by doing a search on “how to file a car crash claim with an insurance company”, you will find all the information you need, know that you’re starting out at a huge disadvantage.  That’s why the smart move is to hire a McAllen Car Accident Lawyer that knows how to manage your car accident injury claim and get a financial recovery and compensation for your injuries. We can review and analyze your case, submit your claim, defend your financial rights, and work towards a settlement. Call us to find out more about what to do after a McAllen car crash to discover what your options are after a crash.

A McAllen & Brownsville Personal Injury Attorney who puts clients first
My name is Humberto Tijerina, and before we go any further, I want to personally thank you for viewing my website. Most likely you have fallen victim to an injury, and like the majority of my clients, you are in desperate need of financial assistance to recoup what you have lost do to pain and suffering. After an accident you may not be able to work.

However, your living expenses are not placed on hold, and your bills can pile up quickly. Injuries do to someone else’s negligence cost you much more than lost wages. The physical and mental pain you go through, your inability to take care of your family and children, even the simple things you do daily are effected. Most people believe that after a car crash or any injury for that matter, that the insurance company representing the party at fault will cover the expenses. Yet, time and time again victims are railroaded by big insurance firms, with powerful attorneys protecting their exposure. That is where I come in. I FIGHT for my clients, I go UP AGAINST those “powerful” attorneys.

For over a decade I have successful collected MILLIONS for my clients. Through dedication, tenacity, and the true desire to win I deliver results for my clients. For me, Personal Injury representation is a PASSION. Fighting for your financial rights after an injury is not my job, it is my chosen path in life, I WILL FIGHT for YOU.

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