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New York Attorney Focused in Maritime Law

Located near the western end of Long Island Sound, this law firm provides marine legal assistance 
and services nationwide for collision, salvage, accident, unseaworthiness and maritime injury 
cases as well as lawsuits and disputes arising from the design, construction, operation, and repair 
of commercial and recreational vessels.

This firm handles marine and general litigation, arbitration, mediation, 
Jones Act claims, maintenance and cure, negligence, wrongful death, 
salvage, fire, grounding, property damage, unseaworthiness, rules of 
the road - collision regs, wake damage and liability, and property 
damage & loss lawsuits. This includes legal help with negligence and 
commercial fishing, workboat, tugboat, kayak, canoe, jet ski, swimming, 
boating and diving accidents (including hard hat divers under the 
Longshore and Harborworkers' Compensation Act and their third party 
lawsuits). It also includes personal watercraft (PWC) and other injuries 
at sea, offshore and international waters and jurisdictions, overseas 
and abroad, on inland rivers, and other navigable waters and inland 
lakes throughout the United States, including the Great Lakes. For 
military contractors and subcontractors, this includes contract 
personnel injured in the course of service in a combat area or military 
base. These civilian claims are covered by the Defense Base Act
and the War Hazards Act, in the section on shipyard employees. This 
can be a factor in an overseas injury.

I represent captains, mates, engineers, deckhands, tankermen, 
bartenders, cooks, stewards, stewardesses, waiters, fish processors 
and other seafarers. In addition to representing plaintiffs as a 
maritime injury lawyer, I handle disputes and claims involving shipyard 
services, contracts, salvage, warranties, maintenance and cure and 
other legal marine issues.

For legal questions related to being a passenger or operator injured 
in a powerboat, jet ski, sail boating accident or while working on a 
riverboat, tour boat, towboat, tugboat, pushboat, offshore supply 
vessel (OSV), commercial fishing boat or vessel, workboat, yacht club 
launch, marina tender, water taxi, ferry, cruise ship, sightseeing or 
dinner cruise boat, charter fishing boat, party fishing boat, casino boat 
or other vessel, call me.

Initial consultations are free and confidential. With offshore, inland, 
overseas and abroad in another country, or brown water injuries, 
there is no fee unless I am successful. Other matters are handled on a 
contingency or hourly basis, depending on their nature.

The firm office is located near Long Island Sound, close to the 
navigable offshore and inland waters of New York City, New York 
State, New York Harbor, Upstate New York, New Jersey, Delaware, 
Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Newport, Rhode Island, Block 
Island, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, New 
Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. I handle cases throughout the entire
United States, Great Lakes, and inland waters, rivers, and whitewater 
rapids...and covering Lake Superior, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake 
Huron, Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence Seaway, Mississippi River, Missouri 
River, West Coast, Gulf of Mexico, including Florida, Louisiana, 
Mississippi, and Texas and the East Coast...and overseas combat and 
war zones under the Defense Base Act and War Hazards Act, as well 
as non-military cases under the Death on the High Seas Act.

Maritime Attorney Profile

Practice Description
I handle the litigation and arbitration of cases involving admiralty jurisdiction, and shoreside matters. 
I represent commercial mariners (ocean and inland), recreational boaters, cruise ship passengers, 
shipyard workers, and other maritime industry, government agency, and contract defense industry 
persons injured on navigable waters and ashore.

Law School - St. John’s University School of Law 1993
Undergrad - SUNY Maritime College - Marine Engineering 1981, Cadet Jr Boiler Rate 3/c Training 
Cruise, Cadet Diesel Rate 2/c Training Cruise; Distinguished Service Citation - Thumbnail Below

Academic - Attorney Akpinar 
teaches law in an adjunct capacity 
at SUNY Maritime College.
Professor Akpinar's Courses:

TMGT 8440 - Maritime Law - 
Graduate  Level Course - A 
comprehensive survey of the 
principles of admiralty law. This 
includes admiralty jurisdiction 
and procedure, bills of lading, 
charter parties, salvage, general 
average, maritime liens, rights of 
seamen, Jones Act, maritime tort 
law, collisions, towage contracts, 
pilotage, limitation of liability and 
marine pollution.

GBLW 431 - Business Law - 
Undergraduate Level Course - 
U.S. civil procedure, federal 
jurisdiction, tort law, criminal law, 
elements of contracts, contract 
law and breach of contract, 
negotiable instruments, and 

Legal - Twenty years litigation and 
arbitration experience including 
injury, medical, property, cargo, 
and marine casualty claims

Engineering - Eleven years 
experience in steam turbine 
power plant operations and 
engineering, including power 
plant watch supervisor, 
maintenance engineer, and 
environmental engineer

Training - U.S. Military Sealift 
Command Firefighting School. 
Trained power plant
personnel in hazardous waste 
management. Trained N.Y.C. 
firefighters in electric generating 
station hazards in an orientation 
program for emergency response 
workers, hazards including 
138,000 volt equipment, chemical 
storage, fuel oil storage

Affiliations - Gulf Coast Mariner's  
Association, Association of Trial 
Lawyers of America, Maritime Law 
Association of the United States, 
Society of Naval Architects and 
Marine Engineers

250-02 Northern Blvd, Little Neck, 11363, s4CLaEoYydTzn4xFg, T3XWAf8FvoCAypbgv, postaladdress