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Covina, California Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

For over 30 years Accident Attorney Tim McDonough has been local accident attorney representing car accident victims. From start-to-finish Tim McDonough will work diligently to win your auto accident case. Car accident injuries include neck injury, back injury, spinal injury, broken bones, loss of limb, brain damage, head injury, chronic pain, and more. Compensation includes damage(s) to your vehicle, property, medical bills to injury from car accident, pain and suffering. Car accidents come in many forms, allow our law office the opportunity to help with your case.

Avocado Heights Car Accident Attorney
Azusa Car Accident Attorney
Baldwin Park Car Accident Attorney
Bradbury Car Accident Attorney
Claremont Car Accident Attorney
Covina Car Accident Attorney
Duarte Car Accident Attorney
El Monte Car Accident Attorney
Glendora Car Accident Attorney
Irwindale Car Accident Attorney
La Puente Car Accident Attorney
La Verne Car Accident Attorney
Pomona Car Accident Attorney
San Dimas Car Accident Attorney
West Covina Car Accident Attorney
When a truck or car hits a motorcycle it can have disastrous results. Most times the other driver is at fault due to negligence behind the wheel. Motorcycle accident attorney Tim has worked with many motorcyclists to get the most for your case.This includes compensation for damages to your motorcycle, injuries sustained as a result of you being hit by a vehicle on your motorcycle. Our law office has the experience and resources, contact us and speak to an attorney now!

Avocado Heights Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Azusa Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Baldwin Park Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Bradbury Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Claremont Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Covina Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Duarte Motorcycle Accident Attorney
El Monte Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Glendora Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Irwindale Motorcycle Accident Attorney
La Puente Motorcycle Accident Attorney
La Verne Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Pomona Motorcycle Accident Attorney
San Dimas Motorcycle Accident Attorney
West Covina Motorcycle Accident Attorney
A Dog bite or attack is nothing to take lightly. Not only the does the physical pain hurt, but the financial burden of medical care can hurt as well. Injuries include stitches, breaking of the skin, infection (rabies/tetanus), penetration of muscle, bruising, scarring, and more. Our law office is available at all hours to assist you with your dog bite case. Negligent dog owners should be liable to pay for your misfortune, call our dog bite attorney see if you have a case.

Long before Tim McDonough was an attorney his life was sent down different paths which led to the successful practice it is today. Our law office is comprised of a dedicated work ethic along with a strong relationship with our clients. THE LAW OFFICE OF TIMOTHY A. MCDONOUGH represents, primarily, victims of personal injury and accident incidents involving negligence, intentional torts and strict liability. The office also represents clients with respect to other legal matters throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino County and the entire State of California.

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