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Top Minnesota Attorney For Criminal Defense and All Family Law Matters

I am Twin Cities Attorney Tricia Dwyer. I handle ALL Family Law problems, including 'the worst of the worst' legal issues.  
I have worked for many years serving my many family law clients. I have years of experience which includes hundred of hours of me helping people who have limited and strained finances.  I work to help my clients resolve their legal problems: -I aim for reasonableness/peace/'sanity' and curbing my clients' legal costs, not doing unnecessary legal work, no 'wasted meetings', no 'wasted mediations' (or 'SENE','FENE') and no 'fee churning'. If you are divorcing, or dealing with custody/parenting time or child support, know that whenever possible, I work to get to sane and wise and good outcomes that can happen outside the courthouse. 
I love helping my clients, and know that I always limit the number of clients I am helping at any given time.

▶ Do Email Me Right Now (I need to know your legal name & name of other adult involved) -I check emails 3-4X/day Monday-Saturday, with some exceptions of course.
▶ Phone Me Directly To Talk Over Your Problems: (612)296-9666 (please leave a short message if I can't take your call-include your legal name and name of the other adult involved)  -I try to return calls asap but it may take a day or two.
I routinely make Weekend and Emergency Appts. 
🔸Attorney-at-Law: I often work WITH my client and I do limited attorney/paralegal work together WITH my client, Paralegal Services, Legal Forms-Legal Documents Preparation, Quality, Value - I do Pay As You Go work and I can provide sharply reduced work fee for my clients who have financial stress. Most family law problems include mental illness or a physical health problem, and many of my work cases involve people with active alcoholism or MJ-pot use, or other adddiction ('pain pills' -opioid addiction is awful at this time). I strongly support 12 Step-'Friends of Bill W and Dr Bob' programs, and other health and recovery efforts.  Know that I have only love and compassion for those of us who are struggling/hurting.  I welcome everyone and I have special caring for adults who have spent time in jail and prison, and I treasure working with teens who are in trouble with the law (may be in juvenile detention, may face delinquency proceedings).

You can read more details about me at:🔸FamilyLawyerMinnesota & MinnesotaStateBarAssociation/TriciaDwyerEsq🔸

✳️🔸MANY YEARS OF PROFESSIONAL WORK, Personal Attention to My Clients

✳️🔸Attorney-Client Privileged Communications🔸Quality🔸Skill🔸Experience
🔸Legal Advice & Guidance including Emergencies
🔸OFP/Order for Protection, Physical-Emotional Abuse
🔸Child Support & Custody, False Accusations, Parents' Rights, Parental Alienation
🔸Divorce🔸Legal Separation🔸Annulment. Hiding Money, Income, Assets, Lying
🔸SENE/FENE, attend Mediation with my client🔸Alimony-Support-Division of Prop'
🔸ALL Family Law Issues including unusual, long standing ones, criminal conduct, alcohol/drug use, chemical dep', physical or mental health case issues🔸Trials, Motions🔸Hearings, Mediation, Contempt of Court 🔸Collaborative Law, Paternity: I help dads with all of this
🔸Paralegal Services, EG, Legal Document/Forms prepared with my client, or, EG, I and my client may meet to have me go through what my client has begun to write.
🔸Limited Attorney Assistance Available, EG help at court date or mediation 
🔸Complicated, Difficult Legal Issues🔸Special arrangements made with clients located in rural/outlying parts of MN or out of state facing MN legal issues
I love to help teenagers facing legal problems, often criminal cases of all sorts, and alcohol, pot, other drug addiction is common, and always teens with have mental health worries. I help women and men with misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor level crimes. And I provide private legal advice to my clients who are facing a warrant or 'hiding from the law', or who are under police surveillance, or undergoing investigation for possible welfare fraud, or being watched closely by child protection.

TRICIA DWYER ESQ: My Credentials include:

Licensure: Minnesota Supreme Court Attorney Registration
🔹Minnesota State Bar Association Member
🔹Certified MN North Star Attorney
🔹Certified MN Mediator, MN Family Law Mediator
🔹MSBA Family /Criminal/Smalls Legal Practices Sections Member
🔹Special expertise & work in cases involving Emotional & Physical Abuse, Alcohol/Chemical Dependency, Physical & Mental Health Issues
​🔹Support 12 Step/Recovery, Compassion for those struggling
🔹Trained Crisis Worker (A.S.A. certified)
🔹Former MN Supreme Court Qualified Neutral
🔹Former MN P.T.A.
🔹Former Ramsey County Vol. Med. Progr.
🔹Active V.L.N.
🔹Collaborative Law
🔹Certification: Criminal Restorative Justice
Education: University of Missouri (Kansas City) School of Law
College of St. Thomas (now University of St. Thomas), major in Catholic Philosophy (Aristotle), & studies in finance & accounting & literature

Twin Cities, Minneapolis, 55401, ekLSNss6DFmdJtDB2, mYM9S4Nq4cAumwkmt, postaladdress