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DUI / DWI Defense Practice

Separating Fact from Fiction

Unfortunately, there is a lot of false information circulating about DUI / DWI arrests (in New Jersey DUI and DWI are the same thing). These ideas come from urban legends and lots of people believe them without thinking twice. Some of the many false stories out there about DUI include:

•FALSE: Eating will lower your BAC.​

This is not true. While eating can help with combating the "effects" of alcohol, it does absolutely nothing to help with lowering your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). The ONLY way to lower your BAC is to wait over an hour. Studies have shown that the highest spike of a BAC occurs 1 hour after the last drink as your body steadily catches up with your consumption. You need to wait at least an hour before your body feels the full effect of a drink. I always say that waiting isn't a reliable course of action to avoid a DUI. It is much better to get a sober friend or taxi to drive you home.

•FALSE: Spraying breath spray can help lower BAC levels.​

Again, this is not a very good way to lower your BAC. In fact, in many cases the opposite is actually true. Most breath sprays contact traces of alcohol and other active ingredients that can actually aggravate a BAC level rather than lowering it. Beyond this, most law enforcement officers will suspect something if they can tell that you've used breath spray. That will heighten their suspicion and create an even more negative situation for you.

•FALSE: Putting pennies in your mouth can trick the Breathalyzer.​

This is a common belief, but it's a strategy that doesn't really work. It is an myth to think that the presence of metal will change the way that the Breathalyzer works at detecting alcohol. Besides, it is standard procedure for law enforcement to remove everything from your mouth before administering the test.

•FALSE: Refusing to cooperate with the police will help.​

This couldn't be more false. The best thing that you can do after being pulled over is to be cooperative and work with the police officer. Be polite and do what you can to avoid antagonism; being uncooperative will only make your situation worse and could raise suspicion. By acting calmly, you will not only make things easier at the time of the arrest - but it will help me when your case goes to court.
I personally defend each case and provide you with honest answers to your questions. I give you real-life legal advice regarding your situation, and then aggressively represent your interests and protect your legal rights.

Blood and Breath Tests​

There are two common ways to determine a person's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is; a blood test or a breath test. While these are scientific chemical tests, they are still subject to equipment malfunction and human error, so they are not 100% reliable in either their readings or results.​​

Challenging DUI Evidence​

Every single piece of evidence in a DUI case can be fought by a skilled DUI defense attorney. There are lots of different ways to challenge DUI evidence depending on the facts and types of evidence presented.

Driver's License Suspension​
Revocation of your driver's license is a standard penalty that will be imposed if you are convicted of DUI. The duration will depend on the level, or tier of the conviction. Common revocation times are 7 months to 10 years.

DUI Penalties​

The penalties for conviction of a DUI charge depending on your BAC. A DUI can also carry penalties like significant jail time, and yearly motor vehicle fines for 3 years into the future.

DUI with Injury​

If you are facing charges of DUI, and you were involved in an accident that resulted in the injury of another person, you could face criminal charges along with the DUI. The results for conviction can be extremely harsh.

DUI & Drugs​
Often a DUI will be made worse by a criminal drug charge. This includes impairment caused by alcohol and/or illegal drugs or controlled substances. It is standard procedure for the police to search your car when you are pulled over. This often leads to additional charges for small amounts of drugs. i can usually get the drug charged discharged when this happens.

Field Testing by Police

There are several different tests that are used by police officers in order to gather evidence to charge you with DUI. The walk and turn test, the one-leg-stand, and the eye test are all used as methods to either get you to confess to DUI, and/or to gather evidence to support a DUI charge against you in court.

First Offense DUI​

The penalties for conviction of a DUI charge can be severe fines and jail time. However, if it is your first DUI conviction, the judge has room to decide your penalties within certain sentencing guidelines. I will fight for the absolute lowest possible penalty if you are convicted.

Multiple DUI​

According to New Jersey law, a 2nd or 3rd conviction will result in extremely harsh penalties. A 3rd conviction requires mandatory jail time and 10 years license revocation.  It is vitally important that this does not happen to you. You could face life-altering penalties for a conviction of a multiple DUIs.

DUI Checkpoints​

DUI checkpoints are a common occurrence throughout towns in New Jersey. These vehicle stops are usually legal, and are put in place to catch those who have been drinking and driving. It is important that you employ your Fifth Amendment rights and don't admit to anything in these cases. The less you say, the more I can help you!

Under 21 DUI​
If you are under the age of 21 you can still be charged with DUI. If you have any traceable amount of alcohol in your system you are not allowed to drive. This is different from the much higher legal limit of 0.08% for adults. the penalties for underage DUI can also be very serious.

How I Can Help You

If you have been charged with a DUI in New Jersey, I can answer questions about your case, discuss options with you, and advise you of the best course of action. ​

Contact my office today to discuss the charges and how I can help you.

My name is Krekor Mazmanian. I am a licensed attorney and DUI defense is what I do. A life long resident of New Jersey.  I'm a member of the New Jersey Bar, New Jersey State Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and the Armenian Bar Association. I'm admitted to practice in all New Jersey courts, including the United States District Court.

I am proud to be backed by a proven record of successful litigation. An Armenian-American and Military Pro Bono Attorney, I maintain a relationship with the Armed Services and am a member of the Association of the U.S. Army; an Operation Homefront Volunteer, and Wounded Warrior program supporter.​

Heavily invested in multiple charities and volunteerism, helping people has always been a strong component of my life. Community involvement and charity is just one aspect of the dedication I bring to my legal career. I believe that a whole and rewarding life is obtained through relationships.

I began my career as a litigation associate for a "Big Law" Philadelphia firm  in 2006. As an associate, I represented a wide variety of prestigious national clients in the areas of asbestos exposure, product liability, personal injury, defense, accident, construction defect and insurance litigation matters.

"When one of my closest friends was arrested and charged with a DUI over New Years, I saw how much if affected her entire life. It was then that I made the decision to make defending DUI cases my priority"

I proudly graduated at the top of my college class and was consistently named on the Deans list. I earned degrees from Brookdale, Rutgers University and Monmouth University in New Jersey while working full time. I know the value of hard work and the rewards it will bring. I was an active member of the Phi Alpha Delta national law fraternity and the Zeta Phi Eta communications fraternity. I continue to attend seminars, and lectures on a variety of legal topics by top professionals in the legal field.
Unlike other law firms, I direct all of my time and energy into each case for every client. I use a selective process to choose my clients and I only take a case if I have the time and resources to necessary to bring it to trial. This means I only have a few clients at one time.

There are A LOT of law firms and lawyers who could represent you. In fact, New Jersey has the highest lawyer saturation per population than any other state! That means most lawyers have to fill their business with volume to make a profit. When that happens, there is simply no way for them to treat each client with the same amount of time and effort. 

The result is that most law firms spend more time on the larger criminal cases and less time on DUI representations. They will do the minimum necessary to make a deal and not commit malpractice. 

"I do the opposite. I do the more than necessary. Because I only have a few clients at one time, I can redirect every resource to you. It is not unusual for me to spend several hours at a time pouring through tiny pieces of evidence in a DUI case."

I review, re-review, and review again; strategically searching for any little detail that could invalidate the police stop or blood and breath evidence. Some cases can even require background checks of the stopping officers, review of their employment history, and invasive review of their tactics.

As with anything, this comes with a price. But if you want the most dedicated attorney handling your case as if it were his own, than I can provide you with exactly that.

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