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Elder Law Attorney in Delaware County, PA

VA Legal Team, LLC is not part of the Department of Veterans Affairs, or any other government agency.

VA Legal Team. LLC is a Pennsylvania estate planning and elder law firm.  We help family’s secure valuable state and federal benefits that defray the expense of costly healthcare (Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Home Care).  This means we work with families to help their loved ones qualify for Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and Department of Veterans Affairs Pension Benefits (Aid and Attendance).

VA Legal Team firmly believes that preparation is the key to preserving wealth and assets.  The best way to leave behind an inheritance for your heirs is through advanced planning.  Advanced planning involves a current holistic assessment of a person’s entire situation.  This includes financial, medical, and family circumstances that are unique to each client.

While we prefer advanced planning, VA Legal Team assists families with “crisis planning.”  Crisis planning occurs when your loved one is already a resident of a Skilled Nursing Facility or Assisted Living Facility.  VA Legal Team can help you save much, if not all, of the estate – including the family home.

Young Families
VA Legal Team, LLC also works with families with minor children to adequately prepare for life’s unknowns.

Unfortunately, many young families do not realize the urgent need for estate planning.  All adults, but particularly adults with minor children, should make it a priority to create a will and power of attorney documents.  These fundamental documents comprise the essentials of an estate plan.

VA Legal Team believes that parents must make critical decisions today in order to prepare for tomorrow.  Critical decisions include choosing a guardian for minor children and creating and funding a testamentary trust in your last will and testament.

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Robert E. Blumberg, Esquire
Robert E. Blumberg, Esquire is the founder of VA Legal Team, LLC.  Robert is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and is a Department of Veterans Affairs Accredited attorney. Mr. Blumberg received a B.A. in History from Columbia University in 2004 and his J.D. from Temple’s Beasley School of Law in 2012.

Robert’s expertise is asset and wealth preservation, which includes Pennsylvania Medicaid and VA Aid and Attendance benefit planning. Over his eight years helping veterans and spouses, Robert has seen nearly every Aid and Attendance issue the VA confronts applicants with.

Mr. Blumberg is also the owner of the website Wills in PA.  Wills in PA provides helpful information to Pennsylvania residents on wills and other estate planning issues.

Robert especially enjoys helping veterans and their families.  He can often be found at his desk parsing through Title 38 of the Code of Federal Regulations.  He considers reading VA Office of General Counsel Precedent Opinions a leisure activity, and likes nothing more than recovering VA benefits for veterans and their families.

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